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circumspect careful
cumbersome clumsy
dilemma difficult situation
relinquish give up
unbridled uncontrolled
salvage save
compensate to make up for
erratic not consistent
fortify strengthen
lucrative profitable
tantalize tease
terse brief
altercation argument
condone overlook
fabricate invent
irate angry
rift crack
terminate end
anarchy lack of government
biased favoring one side
fated destined
inanimate lifeless
rectify correct
reprieve postpone
annihilate destroy
brazen shameless; made of brass
facilitate make easier
paramount above all others
reprimand scold
stagnant motionless
credible believable
diligent hardworking
impoverished poor
incessant never stopping
taunt mock
tenacious persistent
apex tip
exorbitant excessive
meander roam
momentous very important
perilous dangerous
tirade a long, angry speech
assurance pledge
console comfort
dwindle decrease
liability debt
rejuvenate make young again
venture risky undertaking
candid frank
drudgery hard work
escalate increase in intensity
flair natural quality
heterogeneous diverse
monologue speech made by one person
aspire yearn
exploit utilize
invincible unbeatable
obtrusive forward
render to cause to become
skeptical inclined to doubt
concise brief
divulge tell
enlightened free from false ideas
proponent supporter
squander waste
relentless harsh
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