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BCS Roll of Thunder

"BCS" Roll of Thunder vocab chapter 1

lagged followed slowly behind
meticulously very carefully, paying attention to detail, very clean and neat
concession giving in, or yielding
intriguing extremely interesting, curiosity
disposition mood
raucous making a disturbingly, harsh noise
pensively serious or deep thought
mortgage money owed on a house
barren lacking vegetation, unproductive land
emaciated very thin from disease or hunger
jauntily buoyant self-confident air, brisk
undaunted not discouraged, courageous
tidbit very small amount
morosely gloomy, sullen, melancholy
amiably friendly, congenial
underhanded dishonestly
gullies ditches on the side of the road
spewing spitting out
towheaded blond haired
loitering lingering, hanging around
traverse travel
dubious uncertain
marred marked up, written on or defaced in some way
unveiling reveal, or make known
audible hear
drone talking that goes on and on, often monotonously
sulky pout
vigorously strong, energetic
indignant angered at something unjust or wrong
diction speech quality, enunciation, good word choice
Created by: 2monroes