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Religion Midterm Vocab

Bible The holy book of the Christians and very important to Islam and Jews
Old Testament/Hebrew Scripture The stories of the relation of God to the Jewish people
New Testament The stories of the early Christians and their relationship with Jesus
Canaan Earliest name for Israel. Other names for Israel are Holy Land, Promised Land, and Palestine
Pentateuch The first five books in the Bible
Covenant Promise, a pact, or an agreement between God and people
Inspired Means the Holy Spirit guided the human authors to teach without error those truths of God that are necessary for our salvation; the truth about our relationship to God and all creation; and the destiny meant for us, union with God forever
Prehistory The time before there were written records
Oral Tradition The passing down of stories or other things from generation to generation, by word of mouth from the experience of the people
Patriarchs Means chief or head of family is a title given to the fathers of the Old Testament, such as Abraham,Issac,and Jacob, who were divinely selected to guide the chosen people
Matriarchs Means chief or head of a family given to the mothers of the Old Testament, such as Sarah,Rebecca, and Rachel divinely selected to guide the chosen people
Polygamy The marriage practice where a man can have many wives. This is practiced in Islam today and is allowed in the Mormon region
Monogamy The marriage practice of having only one wife
Yahweh Jewish name for God. It means "I am who I am" the Jews believed God was everlasting
Hebrews The earliest name for the Jews, it means wanderer
Israel The land God promised to give to the Israelites
Jews The name today comes from the term Judah
Concubine A woman who lives with a man that she is not married to. This was a common practice of the early Jews. A man might have a wife and a _______ living in the same house
Semites This is the name for the nomadic people in the near east. The Jews were ________ before they became their own tribe
Beduin a nomad. Ishmael is a good example of this
Hospitality A very important concept in the Old Testament. It meant you welcomed a stranger into your house and gave the stranger free food, water, and shelter
Torah The word means "law" or "instruction" refers to the Pentateuch or Mosaic Law,which includes the first five books of the Hebrew Scriptures: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy
Tradition Things that are passed down from generatoion to generation
Jacob Third patriarch, youngest son who gets the birthright, runs to Uncle Laban's house, marries Leah and Rachel after 14 years, has 12 sons who become the 12 tribes of Israel, favorite son is Rachel's oldest son Joseph
Esau Oldest son of Issac and Rebecca, tricked out of the birthright by his mother and Jacob, name means red or hairy
Israel The second name Jacob gets it means he who wrestles with God
Moses The major leader of the Jews name means " to pulll out of the water"
Pharaoh Egyptian king believed to be Ramses
Salvation History The story of God's actions and the peoples responses over many of centuries
Polytheism the belief in more than one god
Sabbath A day of rest each week, was a sacred custom the Jews had carried with them to the Exile
Original Sin First sin. Adam and Eve were not satisfied with being humsn they wanted to be gods
Temptation Is when evil looks good
Ishmaelites The name of the Jews during the Exodus
Theopany A special appearance of God in nature
Magisterium The teaching authority of the Church or Catholic Church
Creationists they are people who insist that the account in Genesis is factually true - that is, God created the world in just seven days
Evolutionists They are people who believe that the universe evolved over millions of years, with humankind as a recent part of that evolutionary process
Abraham The first person to believe in one God. The father of the Jews,Islam, and Christianity he was born in Ur. His first name was Abrahm
Ishmael Son of Abraham and Hagar. Islam traces its family tree to Abraham through _______ he will become a caravan driver
Issac Son of Abraham and Sarah, child of the covenant, Jews trace family tree to abraham through Issac second patriarch
Sarah The wife of Abraham. Noted for her beauty, for most of her life she was childless. Her first name was Sari.
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