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dog Bowl Study

Study Guide for Rabbit Bowl 2011

What is the maximum weight for each rabbit in a meat pen? Five pounds
Do you have to be a member of the ARBA in order to register your rabbit? Yes
Which ear would have the ARBA registration tattoo? The Right ear
How many legs must a rabbit win to receive a Grand Champion certificate? Three
What is the Standard of perfection based on? The ARBA expected characteristics for each recognized breed.
How many generations are required on a pedigree? Three generations
What is a junior rabbit? Any rabbit less than six months old.
What is coprophagy? The practice of a rabbit consuming some of the droppings directly from the anus.
What is a female rabbit called? A Doe
What is a male rabbit called? A Buck
What are baby rabbits called? Kits
What is the written record of a rabbit’s family called? A Pedigree
Where is the loin of a rabbit? The part of the back on either side of the spine and between the lower rib and hip joint.
What is a rabbit’s pelt? It is the hide (fur) of the animal after being removed from the animal.
The useable pelt does not include which parts? Head , feet, tail or legs.
What type of tails are disqualifications? Screw tail or bob tail.
Name three things that might be included on a pedigree? Date of birth, ownership of the parents, grandparents and great grandparents.
What are some examples of a “Disqualification” at a rabbit show? Smut,Blindness,abcess,moon eye, screw tail,buck teeth,pigeon breast,bowed legs,snuffles,sore hocks,missing toenail.
Name four fur types that rabbits are grouped into. Normal(rollback and flyback), rex, satin, angora
What type of fur do most rabbit breeds have? Normal fur 5/8 inch with guard hair.
Which fur type is finer that normal fur, is composed of transparent hair, and has a sheen or luster? Satin
Which fur type is very dense and the guard hairs are approximately the same length as the undercoat, giving it a plush feeling? Rex
Which fur contains a long, wool-type fiber that is harvested and used in the manufacture of clothing? Angora
What term is used to describe the feature of fur that, when stroked from the rear towards the head, quickly returns to its normal position? Fly Back
What term is used to describe the feature of fur that, when stroked from the rear towards the head, quickly returns to its normal position? Guard Hair
T or F? A purebred rabbit is not capable of reproducing itself in type, color, markings, fur, and other characteristics. True
T or F? A crossbred rabbit results when rabbits of different breeds are mated. True
T or F? A crossbred rabbit is capable of reproducing itself in type, color, markings, fur and other characteristics. False
Name one kind of breeding program. Inbreeding,Outcrossing,Linebreading, Crossbreeding.
If you practice outcrossing, do you mate rabbits that are related or unrelated? Unrelated
What is line breeding? Mating rabbits that are descended from the same animal several generations back.
When you mate rabbits, which rabbits’ cage do you mate them in? The bucks cage.
If I use one hand to hold the ears and loose skin over the shoulders to restrain the doe, place the other hand slightly in front of the pelvis so the doe is relaxed, lightly and gently move my hand backwards and forwards, what am I doing? Palpating the doe for pregnancy.
T or F? With a good breeding program you work to strengthen desirable characteristics and eliminate defects. True
What is lactation? The period during which the mammary glands secrete milk.
What is the length of time between conception and birth (usually 31 days) called? Gestation period.
Why should you talk, sing or whistle when entering your rabbitry? To decrease stress, to not frighten the rabbits.
When a rabbit gives birth, what is it called? Kindling
Should you keep a new rabbit separate from your herd when you bring it home? Yes, quarantining protects the health of your herd from new diseases potentially in the new rabbit.
Which is easier for a rabbit to withstand, heat or cold? Cold
Name one thing you can do to keep your rabbit cool in the heat. Provide shade, place frozen water bottle, place a fan for ventilation.
What serves as a rabbit’s cooling system? It's Ears
Name a meat breed of rabbit. New Zealand, Californian
Name a wool bearing breed. Angoras, Jersey Wooly
What is an infectious inflammation of the mammary glands called? Mastitis
What is a dewlap? The fold or folds of loose skin hanging from the throat of a doe.
A localized area of infection resulting in a lump filled with a pasty white substance is what? Abcess
Improper meeting of the teeth is called what? Malocclusion
What is the process of shedding or changing the fur twice yearly called? Molt
A division within a breed based on color is called what? Variety
A dark colored area on a rabbit's nose is called what? A Butterfly
When a doe eats her own young it is called what? Cannabalism
What term describes a rabbit that is not a junior or a senior ? An intermediate
A characteristic of one parent that when transmitted covers a recessive characteristic is called what? Dominant
The term used to describe brilliant and bright fur is called what? Luster
When checking for ruptures and abscesses, should you run your hands all over the body or just on the back? All over the body
When you stroke the fur toward the rabbit's head showing fur going back to normal position, what are you showing? The coat condition.
T or F? When checking the “hocks” of the rabbit, you check the upper hips on the legs. False
T or F? You can check the front feet for signs of “snuffles”. False
When you place your rabbit to be viewed (to show its best features), smooth its fur down, make sure the legs are placed correctly, and make sure the tail is straight, what is this called? Posing your rabbit.
How would you describe a rabbit’s eye which is whitish on the surface, or looks like it has a milky film over it? Wall eyes or Moon eyes
What is the main cause of “sore hocks”? Wire cage floors.
What causes ear canker? Psoroptes caniculi, mites
A short, broad, bold head with a definite masculine appearance is called what? Bull dog
An extra toe or functionless digit on the inside of the front leg is called what? A dewclaw
Name a way that the domestic rabbit's kits are different from hares. Hares have a nest on the ground, with young born fully furred and eyes open.
What body type has an arch at the back of the neck extending to the base of the tail, with a racy appearance? Full Arch
The only cylindrical type breed is what? Himalayan
This type is the most varied in weight and shape. The width, depth and length are controlled by weight. Examples include: Dutch,Florida White, Netherland Dwarf and Polish. What body type are they? Compact
Name a breed example of a genetic fur mutation. Rex, Satin, Lionhead
Why does a Rex furred rabbit feel plush? Guard hairs are the same length as the undercoat.
A defect in a rabbit which makes it ineligible for competition is called what? Disqualification
Why is good sanitation important in your rabbitry? It prevents disease.
What does BOG mean? Best of Group
What does REW stand for? Ruby Eyed White
Name 2 of the smallest breeds of rabbits? Netherland Dwarf, Brittania Petite, Dwarf Hotot, Polish
How often is the Standard of Perfection revised? Every five years
Baby rabbits double their birth weight in how many days? Six days
How does a rabbit normally file down its teeth? Chewing
Give 3 reasons why rabbits are raised. Show, Meat, Pet, Fur/Wool, Lab Work (Research).
What organs of the rabbit are inside the chest cavity, well protected by the bony ribs? Heart and lungs
What do the letters ARBA stand for? American Rabbit Breeders Association
How old are baby rabbits when they open their eyes? Seven to ten days
List 2 important considerations in selecting or building a nest box? 1) Sanitation 2) Size 3) Protection from weather 4) keep the babies from falling out
Created by: badem