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SC History Midterm

SC History Midterm Exam

What type of scientists study the origin and development of man? Anthropologists
What are items (such as pottery shards, weapons, tools, jewelry) used by ancient peoples called? Artifacts
Which characteristic describes the earliest peoples in North America? They were nomads.
Which became a more advanced way of acquiring food for Native Americans? farming
How did the coming of the Europeans to North America bring an end to the prehistoric era? The Europeans began to record information about the Native Americans in their journals.
What was the attitude of Europeans toward the American indians that they encountered? They believed they were crude and uncivilized.
How were the American Indians largely responsible for the success of European settlements? They taught the Europeans how to grow certain crops.
Why did early European explorers come to Ameica? To find silver and gold.
What was the purpose of Columbus's voyage? To find a route to China and India.
Which country began settlements in Carolina? all of the above (Spain, France, England).
Why is Roanoke Island called the "Lost Colony"? Because no one knows what happened to the settlers.
What was the first permanent English colony in North America? Jamestown
What was the name given to people who agreed to work for a certain length of time in exchange for passage to the New World? indentured servants
According to the Chart, (see hard copy of backup material) what was the primary reason for establishing the English colonies? to secure religious freedom
Which statement best describes the information on the map of the thirteen colonies? (see hard copy backup) The colonies bordered the Atlantic Ocean.
According to the map, what was the southern boundary of the thirteen colonies? (see hard copy) Florida
Which country was NOT a major colonizer of the New World? Italy
Which group of English colonies had the best climate for farming? Southern Colonies
Which Lord Proprietor was the most responsible for the settling of Carolina? Anthony Ashley Cooper
Who was Carolina named in honor of? King Charles of England
What was the name of the first permanent English settlemen in Carolina? Charlestown
Who was the first English settlement in Carolina named in honor of? King Charles of England
According to the map, where was Oyster Point? (see hard copy) It was located between two rivers.
According to the map, why was Albermarle Point a limiting location for the settlement of Charles Town? (see hard copy) It was located on only one river.
Which crops were the first two major cash crops to be grown in Carolina? rice and indigo
What ws the main reason the Lords Proprietors wanted a large number of people to settle in Carolina? to make more money.
What economic policy of the Carolinians created a good relationship with the Indians? trading with the Indians for deerskins
What economic policy of the Carolinians created poor relationships with the Indians? capturing Indians as slaves and cheating Indians in deerskin trade.
Which early successful economic activity in Carolin depended on the involvement of African Americans? cultivation of rice
Why was rice referred to as "CaroWhatlina Gold"? It helped the economy grow and the colony to prosper.
What was the largest group of immigrants to come to Carolina? African Americans
How did the creation of the colony of Georgia benefit South Carolina? It provided a protective buffer from Spanish Florida.
Why did the Up Country have so much lawlessness? There were no courts to bring criminals to justice.
Who were the people who tried to provide law and order in the Up Country? Regulators
Why was the Regulator Movement ineffective? The Regulators were not trained and abused they system.
Why did the relationship between the Cherokee and the South Carolinians become poor? Some Carolinans began to cheat the Cherokee in animal skins and fur trading.
Why were the Indians pleased with the creation of the Proclamation Line of 1763? The line reassured the Indians that white settlers would not settle land past the mountains.
How were the Spaniards indirectly responsible for the Stono Rebellion? They promised the slaves their freedom if they reached St. Augustine in Spanish Florida.
What was the most important result of the Stono Rebellion in South Carolina? The passage of a slave code.
How did the aftermath of the Stono Rebellion help most of the slaves? Slave owners were penalized for being cruel or too demanding.
Why did most slave owners not want slaves to be educated? They feared education would lead to slave revolts.
What was responsible for most of South Carolina's growth in the early 1700s? A large number of immigrants came, including slaves.
What was the primary purpose of the Negro Act of 1740 slave code? to provide a list of restrictions for slaves.
What was the overall result of the Stono Rebellion in South Carolina? most slaves had even more freedoms taken away from them.
What was the law-making body of Great Britain called? Parliament
What resulted from Parliament's lack of understanding of the needs of the colonists? the beginnings of more desire for self-government in the colonies.
What happens when the value of a country's exports is higher than the value of its imports? a country makes a higher profit.
How did the colonial boycott on British goods affect the mother country? Great Britain lost profits because its Amercan colonies would not buy its goods.
What was the purpose of the Boston Tea Party? to protezt the Tea Act
Which two factions, or opposing groups, emerged in South Carolina before the begininning of the American Revolution? Patriots and Loyalists
Which statement BEST describes the meaining of the political cartoon? (see hard copy) The colonies were like a snake; they had many parts.
What was the purpose of the political cartoon? to warn the colonies to join together or be conquered.
In what colony did the first fighting of the American Revolution occur? Massachusetts
What is the BEST explanation for the phrase "the shot heard round the world"? The beginning of the American Revolution led to the birth of the United States and changes throughout the world.
Why were so many battles in the American Revolution fought in South Carolina? because it was part of Britain's second plan of attack since so many loyalists were there.
Why did the British plan to take Sullivan's Island fail? The palmetto logs from which the fort was made absorbed the cannonballs.
Which statement BEST explains how the actions of Banastre Tarleton "inspired" the patriots? Tarleton was a cruel leader who slaughtered men without reason.
Which battles are called the "turning points of the American Revolution in the South"? Kings Mountain and Cowpens
According to the first paragrah, what was the purpose of the Declaration of Independence? to declare the reasons to separate from Great Britain.
According to the Declaration of Independence, how does government get its power? from the people
According to the Declaration of Independence, when is it permissible for people to change the government? when the government takes away rights from the people.
When South Carolina's capital was moved from Chares Town, what name was given to the new seat of state government? Columbia
When Charles Town was incorporated, what was its new name? Charleston
What was the first set of rules for the United States called? the Articles of Confederation
In its first government after the American Revolution, why did the U.S. have such a weak government? The delegates were fearful of a strong government like Great Britain's.
What was a major weakness of the Articles of Confederation? The federal government had little power for Congress and no national leader.
What did the delegates to the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 decide to do? develop a new government by writing a new constitution.
What compromise settled the issue of how many representatives each state would get in the national Congress? The Great Compromise
What reason was give by the Antifederalists to oppose the U.S. Constitution? The document gave too much power to Congress and not enough to the States.
According to the Preamble, how many reasons are given for the creation of the U.S. Constitution? 6
What might the founding fathers have meant by the phrase "to form a more perfect Union"? to form a Union that was better tan that created by the Articles of Confederation.
What was the motive behind the Three-Fifths Compromise, which counted slaves as only three-fifths of a person for offical population counts? Northern states wanted to prevent southern states from having conrol of the House of Representatives.
What reason was behind the Great Compromise? Having membership in Congress equally represented for all states.
Created by: Devin Brasfield
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