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Win10 chapter 2 Term

MS Win 10 - Chapter 2 Installing Win 7 Key Terms

answer file An answer file is used during an unattended setup to provide configuration to Setup.exe. Windows 7 answer files are in an XML format and are created by using Windows System Image Manager.
Application Compatibility Toolkit A set of utilities and resources from Microsoft to help organizations run legacy software on Windows 7.
attended installation An installation when a network administrator must be present to answer configuration questions presented during Windows 7 installation.
auditSystem configuration pass This configuration pass is performed before user logon when Sysprep triggers Windows 7 into audit mode.
auditUser configuration pass This configuration pass is performed after user logon when Sysprep triggers Windows 7 into audit mode.
autounattend.xml An answer file that is automatically searched for during the windowsPE, offlineServicing, and specialize configuration passes.
catalog file WSIM uses catalog files to read the configurable settings and their current status for an WIM image.
clean installation An installation that is performed on a new computer, or does not retain the user settings or applications of an existing computer.
configuration set The subset of files from a distribution share that are required for a particular answer file. A configuration set is more compact than a distribution share.
DVD boot installation An installation of Windows 7 that is started by booting from CD or DVD to run Setup.exe.
disk partition Hard disks are subdivided into logical units called partitions. Each partition is then formatted and represented as a drive letter in Windows.
distribution share A share configured through WSIM to hold drivers and packages that can be added to Windows 7 during installation.
distribution share installation An installation of Windows 7 that is started by running Setup.exe over the network from a distribution share.
dual boot installation A computer with two operating systems installed at the same time. The user selects an operating system during startup.
generalization A process performed by Sysprep to prepare a computer running Windows 7 for imaging. The computer SID, computer name, user profiles, and hardware information are removed during generalization.
generalize configuration pass This configuration pass is performed when Sysprep is run to generalize Windows 7.
Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) A low-level system driver in Windows 7 that controls communication between Windows 7 and the computer hardware.
image A collection of files captured using ImageX and stored in an image file.
image-based installation An image-based installation that uses ImageX to apply an image of an operating system to a computer. The image can include applications as well as the operating system.
image file A file that stores one or more images. The size of an image file is minimized through the use of single-instance storage when a file exists in multiple images.
ImageX A command-line tool for creating, editing, and applying WIM images to computers.
offlineServicing configuration pass The second configuration pass that is performed after the Windows image has been copied to the local hard drive. This configuration pass applies packages such as security updates and service packs before Windows 7 is started.
offline update An offline update is applied to Windows 7 during installation before Windows 7 is started. The packages used for offline updates are supplied by Microsoft.
oobeSystem configuration pass The final configuration pass before installation is complete. This configuration pass is typically used in conjunction with Sysprep and ImageX.
Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) A standard used by network cards to boot directly to the network and download an operating system. Once that operating system is started, tasks such as imaging can be performed.
product activation A process put in place by Microsoft to reduce piracy. Unique information about your computer is sent to Microsoft to ensure that the package of Windows 7 purchased is installed on only a single computer.
Remote Installation Services (RIS) The server-based system used by pre-Windows 7 servers for deploying desktop operating systems automatically over the network.
specialize configuration pass The configuration pass that is performed after hardware has been detected. This is the most common configuration pass to apply settings.
Sysprep A tool that is used to generalize Windows 7 and prepare computers for imaging.
System Audit Mode cleanup action An option in Sysprep that triggers the computer to enter Audit mode and run the auditSystem and auditUser configuration passes on reboot.
System Out-of-Box Experience cleanup action An option in Sysprep that triggers the computer to run the oobeSystem configuration pass and start Windows Welcome on reboot.
unattend.xml An answer file that is automatically searched for during the generalize, auditSystem, auditUser, and oobeSystem configuration passes.
unattended installation An installation that does not require any user input because all necessary configuration information is provided by an answer file.
Universal Naming Convention (UNC) A naming system used by Windows computers to locate network file shares and network printers. The format is \\servername\sharename.
upgrade installation An installation that migrates all of the settings from a preexisting operating system to Windows 7.
User State Migration Tool (USMT) A set of scriptable command-line utilities that are used to migrate user settings and files from a source computer to a destination computer. USMT is typically used by large organizations during deployments of desktop operating systems.
virtualization software Software that allows you to run multiple operating systems on a single computer at the same time. One operating system functions as the host, while others are guest operating systems that run on the host.
Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) A collection of utilities and documentation for automating the deployment of Windows 7.
Windows Deployment Services (WDS) A server-based system for deploying desktop operating systems automatically over the network. PXE is used to connect the computers to WDS.
Windows Easy Transfer A graphical wizard for migrating user files and settings from Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, or Windows 7 to a new Windows 7 computer.
Windows Imaging Format (WIM) A file-based image format developed by Microsoft to create and manage WIM files using ImageX.
WindowsPE A limited version of Windows that can be used to perform recovery tasks and install Windows 7.
WindowsPE configuration pass The first configuration pass performed during setup, which can be used to perform tasks such as disk partitioning and entering the product key.
Windows System Image Manager (WSIM) A utility that is used to create answer files for Windows 7 unattended installations. WSIM can also create distribution shares and configuration sets.
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