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Brain Bowl Comp.

213 questions for the Middle School Black heritage trivia competition.

How many years did Wilt Chamberlain play basketball in the NBA? Fourteen.
Who was known as a slave, blacksmith, fur trapper and trader, horse maker, Indian chief, army scout, explorer, prospector, hotel owner and peace maker? Jim Buckworth.
Who was the first African American inductee into the Pro Football Hall of fame? Emlen Tunnell.
Which Jazz musician made the song "Body and Soul" famous? Coleman Hawkins.
Motown Record Company was founded by whom? Berry Gordy.
Where is Morgan State university located? Baltimore, Maryland.
Gladys Knight, Motown star, is lead singer of what group? Gladys Knight and the Pips.
Which motion picture made Butterfly McQueen a star? Gone with the Wind.
The ink spots, a vocal group during the 40's and 50's, had a famous hit song. Name the Song. If I didn't care.
Who was Mary Elizabeth Mahoney? The first Black nurse.
Who invented a machine that could process shoes mechanically? Jan E. Metzeliger
In what sport did Bill Picket excel? He was a rodeo cowboy.
The first successful open heart surgery was performed in what year? 1893
Who is known as the "Father of Gospel Music"? Thomas Dorsey.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., organized a bus boycott that lasted 381 day in what Alabama city? Montgomery.
The character "Sapphire" was a regular on what 1950's television program? The Amos and Andy show.
Who is known as the "Queen of Soul?" Aretha Franklin.
What was the name of the singing group that accompanied Gladys Knight? The Pips.
What amateur show propelled Sarah Vaughn into the vocal spotlight? The Apollo Amateur Hour.
Who played the father in the 1970's television series Sanford and Son? Redd Foxx.
In what year were the last slaves brought to the United States? 1859.
What reward did slave owners promise for the capture of Harriet Tubman? $40,000.
Who was Jazz's first national and international star? Louis Armstrong.
How long had Miles Davis been playing the trumpet before he became a professional? Two years.
Who was the first black
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