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6th Terms

communism Form of government in which the government owns all land and businesses. Practiced in China and North Korea.
monarchy Ruled by a king or queen.
constitutional monarchy Ruled by a king or queen, but they are limited by a constitution.
oligarchy Rule by few leaders.
Tyranny Ruled by an individual who has often taken control by illegal means.
Democracy Ruled by the people, started in ancient Greece.
republic Form of government in which the people elect leaders to run the government, started in ancient Rome.
revolution A great and often violent change.
textiles Woven cloth, first industry moved to factories.
cottage industry Work done by families in their homes.
genocide The mass murder of a people because of race, religion, ethnicity, politics, and culture.
capitalism Form of economy in which most business are privately owned. There is competition to try to create
consumer goods Clothing, shoes, and other products made for people that were manufactured.
refugees People who flee to another country to escape danger.
urban Another word of city.
Rural Another word for country side.
industrialized Changing the economy to rely more on manufacturing and less on farming.
free market economy The people, not the government decide what businesses to start and run.
deforestation The cutting down of too many trees too quickly.
subsistance farms Small plots that grow just enough food to feed their families.
desertification Grasslands become deserts.
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