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Italian Peninsula


capital of Italy Rome
smallest country 1 mile square Vatican City
birthplace of the Renaissance on the Arno River Florence
river that runs through Rome Tiber
River in Florence The Arno
major river in the Alps of Northern Italy The Po
Mountains that form the spine of Italy The Apennines
mountains just south of the Alps The Dolomites
tallest mountains in Europe The Alps
Sicily, Capri, Sardinia islands off Italy's coast
paintings by Lenorado da Vinci The Last Supper & The Mona Lisa
scluptures by Michelangelo The David & The Pieta
Four Seas that surrond Italy Turrhenan, Ionian, Adriatic, Ligurian
Italian Wines Chianti & Prosecco
Designed by Michelangelo, its the largest Catholic Church in the world- located in Vatican City St. Peters Basillica
hot dry summers, cool wet winters Mediterranean Climate
Painted by Michelangelo, where popes are elected Sistine Chapel
ancient amphithetre built for Gladiator combat, seats 50k The Colosseum
ancient temple built for all Roman Gods The Pantheon
ancient race track built for chariot racing Circus Maximus
french word meaning Re-birth Renaissance
water body between Italy's toe and Sicily Strait of Messina
city known for canals, gondolas and fine glass Venice
water taxi in Venice Gondola
beautiful 11th Century catherdral in Venice (sinking) St.Marks Basillica
italian car makers Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Fiat
italian violin maker Stradivari
Painter, inventor, scientist, genius Lenardo da Vinci
painter, sclupter, architect Michelangelo
Renassiance artist- died at 37 years old Raphael
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