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Spanish Vocab U2E1

Spanish Vocabulary

el juguete toy
la marioneta puppet
la muñeca doll
el muñeco de peluche stuffed animal
la risa laugh,laughter
la amistad friendship;acquaintance
caerse to fall down
construir to construct
contar chistes o > ue to tell jokes
dibujar to draw
esconderse to hide
pelearse to fight
saltar la cuerda to jump rope
trepar a los árboles to climb trees
despedirse de e > i to say goodbye to
había there was , there were
reunirse to get together
sentarse e > ie to sit down
tener cuidado to be careful
tener envidia to be envious
tener éxito to be successful
tener verguenza to be ashamed
aburrirse to get board
asustarse to be scared of
cansarse to get tired
darse cuenta de to realize
disculparse to apologize
divertirse e > ie to enjoy oneself
enojarse con to get angry with
portarse bien/mal to behave well/badly
reírse e >i to laugh
sentirse e >i to feel
sonreírse e >i to smile
a veces sometimes
animado(a) lively, animated
cuando yo era niño when I was young
dentro inside
divertido(a) entertaining, fun
fuera outside
impaciente impacient
obediente obedient
sociable sociable
tímido shy
el padre father
la madre mother
el/la abuelo(a) grandfather/grandmother
el/la tío(a) uncle/aunt
el/la hijo(a) sons/daughters
el/la hermano(a) sister/brother
el/la primo(a) cousin
el/la bisabuelo(a) great-grandfather/great-grandmother
el/la compañero(a) classmate/companion
el/la cuñado(a) brother-in-law,sister-in-law
el/la gemelo(a) twins
el/la hermanastro(a) stepbrother, stepsister
el padrastro stepfather
la madrastra stepmother
el/la periente relative
el/la sobrino(a) nephew, niece
el/la nieto(a) grandson/granddaughter
el/la bebé baby
el/la medio(a) hemano(a) half sister, half brother
el/la suegro(a) father-in-law, mother-in-law
Created by: rga1rocks13