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Spanish Vocab U1E2

Spanish Vocabulary

el atún tuna
el batido milkshake
el cereal cereal
la fresa strawberry
la crema cream
las galletas cookies
las habichuelas coloradas red beans
el helado ice cream
los huevos eggs
el jamón ham
el jugo juice
la leche milk
la mantequilla butter
la mantequilla de cacahuate peanut butter
el melón melon
el plátano verde plaintain
el pollo asado roast chicken
los tostones fried plaintains
las uvas grapes
el yogur yogurt
la especialida de la casa specialty of the house
el sabor spice
sabroso tasty
el (la) artista artist
las bellas artes fine arts
el (la) escultor(a) sculptor
la escultura sculpture
la exposición exhibit
la galería gallery
la obra work of art
el (la) pintor(a) painter
la pintura painting
el retrato portrait
el talento talent
antiguo(a) old
enorme huge/enormous
formal formal
lujoso(a) luxurious
moderno(a) modern
raro(a) rare
tradicional traditional
andar to walk
decir to say/to tell Irregular yo
estar to be (place)
poder u > ue to be able to
poner to place Go Verb
querer e > ie to want
saber to know Irregular yo
tener to have Go Verb
traer to bring Go Verb
venir e > ie to come Go Verb
competir e > i to compete
mostrar o > ue to show
recomendar e > ie to recommend
repetir e > i to repeat
jugar u > ue to play
pedir e > i to ask for/ to order
servir e > i to serve
desear to wish
estar de acuerdo to agree
Created by: rga1rocks13