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ACF Psychology


married1st cousin Bertha.3rd force psychology.met Kurt Goldstein.works:The Farther Reaches of Human Nature,Motivation&Personality,Toward a Psychology of Being.US psychologist self-actualization&hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow
works:Social Foundations of Thought& Action,w/Richard Walters Adolescent Aggression,The Psychology of Chance Encounters in Life Paths.idea:reciprocal determinism environment&behavior cause each other 4 kids.sockeroo!stanford psychologist.bobo dolls Albert Bandura
created child-guidance centers.works:The Neurotic Constitution,Understanding Human Nature.austrian psychologist.ideas:organ inferiority,aggression,individual psychology&inferiority complex Alfred Adler
never left France.studied chess players.worked w/under Jean-Martin Charcot.later worked w/theodore simon.studied his daughters.hisIQtest modified by lewis terman@stanford Alfred Binet
term1st used in The Nonreligion of the Future by Jean-Marie Guyau.Robert Merton had work Social Structure and?Any way to make $ even illegal.The Division of Labor in Society.breakdown of societal norms&less religion.Durkheim says it cause suicide anomie
other types:hero,senex(or wise old man).5main?:Self,Shadow,Anima(feminine image in man psyche),Animus(masculine image in woman psyche),Persona.idea by Carl Jung archetypes
head of univofchi Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School.works:Joey:AMechanical Boy,Children ofthe Dream,Truants from Life,Love Is Not Enough,The Uses of Enchantment-on fairy tales,Individual&Mass Behavior in Extreme Situations-based on concentration camp exp. Bruno Bettelheim
choamsky criticized ?pigeonbasedmissile system.works:enjoy old age(Having a Good Day,Being an Old Person w/Margaret Vaughan)The Technology of Teaching,verbal behavior,Walden2,Beyond Freedom&Dignity.namesake box2study operant conditioning Burrhus Frederic Skinner
work w/Eugen Bleuler@Burgholzli Asylum&used word association tests.works:Memories, Dreams&Reflections(autobio)Psychology of the Unconscious,Psychological Types(idea:introverts&extroverts)swiss analyticalpsychologist study collective unconscious Carl Jung
went2World Student Christian Federation Conference in China.left seminary.was director of Society4the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.works:Freedom to Learn for the 80's,A Way of Being,On Becoming a Person.idea:nondirective or client-centered therapy Carl Rogers
oceanic feeling&relates2the development of religion.battle between eros&thanatos.titular construct creates misery while promoting order.by freud Civilization and its Discontents
example of theory:case of Mrs. L&10year-old son Jim.works:A Way of Being and On Becoming a Person, this psychotherapeutic method emphasized the therapist's personal relationship with the patient.idea by Carl Rogers client-centered therapy
brehm&carlsmith worked w/idea.experiment $1or$20bribe for task.found in book when prophecy fails(about endofworld ufo cult led by mrs keech)by leon festinger.contradictory beliefs Cognitive dissonance
work:word books,animal intelligence.idea:supported halo effect,coined laws of exercise&effect.put cats in puzzle boxes Edward Thorndike
Erich Fromm
Erik Erikson
fundamental attribution error
Gustav Theodor Fechner
John B. Watson
works:The Language&Thought of a Child,The Origins of Intelligence in Children.early idea:instinctual schemas. 4stages:sensorimotor,preoperational,concrete operational&formal operational stages ideas by this Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget
Karen Horney
Kurt Koffka
Kurt Lewin
Lawrence Kohlberg
learned helplessness
Lev Vygotsky
Lewis Terman
Max Wertheimer
Otto Rank
Robert Merton
Sigmund Freud
Stanley Milgram
Solomon Asch's experiment
Stroop effect
symbolic interactionism
The Interpretation of Dreams
4 chapters orig in journal imago. basec on frazer's work. primal horde and primal dad. analyzes wundt. little hans.incest among austl aborigines.by freud Totem and Taboo
Wilhelm Wundt
The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life
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