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ACF Geography


Has dispute about Chobe River. Bordered by Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. Formerly known as Bechuanaland. Capital is Gabarone on Limpopo River. Botswana
Has Bie and Huila plateaus. Rivers include Cunene, Kasai, Okavango, and Kwango. Has enclave at Cabinda. Other city of Namibe. Had civil war between UNITA, FNLA, and MPLA. Capital is Luanda. Angola
Named after American pilot. Located inside Canaima National Park in Venezuala on Charun river. On top of Mt Auyan Tepui. Highest waterfall in the world. Angel Falls
Escondida mine is here. Nearest cities are Calama and Antofagasta. Big source of sodium nitrate and copper. Incredibly dry desert in Chile. Atacama Desert
Home to Auyuittuq National Park and Foxe Basin. Near Melville Peninsula. Separated from Greenland by the Davis Strait and from mainland Canada by the Hudson Strait. Largest city is Iqaluit. Largest island in Canada and 5th largest in world. Baffin Island
Known in classical times for slingers. Other islands are Formentera and Ibiza. Its capital is Palma. Island group containing Minorca and Mallorca. Balearic Islands
Klungkung monarchs ruled until 1908. Highest point is Mt Agung. Capital is Denpasar and other cities include Kuta. Indonesian Hindu island located within the Lesser Sunda Islands and east of Java. Site of terrorist bombings in 2002. Bali
Borders are Sarstun River in the south and the Hondo River in the north. Fomerly known as British Honduras. Capital is Belmopan. Belize
Connected to Kerch Strait, Sea of Azov, the Bosporus and Sea of Marmara. Inland sea surrounds Crimean peninsula, next to Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine. Black Sea
Rivers are Kapuas and Barito. Highest point is Mt Kinabalu. Dyaks live in Kalimantan. Big city is Balikpapan. Malay states are Sabah and Sarawak. 3rd largest island shared by Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Borneo
In Tibet, known as Tsang-po. In India, known as Dihang. Navigable near Dibrugarh. Splits into Jamuna River. River starts in Tibet, flows thru China, and to Bangladesh and empties into the Bay of Bengal forming a massive delta with the Ganges. Brahmaputra
The Hecate Strait separates it from Queen Charlotte Islands. Fraser River is major river. North of San Juan de Fuca Strait. Capital is Victoria and largest city is Vancouver. British Columbia
Other islands include Peter Islands. Its main islands include Jost van Dyke, Anegada and Tortola. Capital is Road Town. British Virgin Islands
Known to the Romans as Armorica. Nominoe was 1st duke. Has island of Ushant. Between English Channel and Bay of Biscay. French region with cities of Brest, Nantes, and Rennes. Brittany
Has Casa Rosada or Pink House. Citizens call themselves portenos. Largest city and capital of Argentina. Buenos Aires
Sub ranges include Litte, White, Leitha, and Tatras. High point is Gerlach Peak in Slovakia. Mountain range from Bratislava to the Iron Gate in Romania. Carpathians
Taxis knowns as blue donkeys. Shango Hall built in Finland sent here. AKA Finfinnie. Oromo name = new flower. @ base of Entoto Mtns.Founded by Menelik II. HQ of OAU. Capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa
1st pres Abderrahman killed in 1989.Mt Karthala is here. Mwali, Nzwani& Ngazidja. Northern end of the Mozambique channel. Claims Mayotte.Capital Moroni. Comoros
Other islands:Farquhar Group,Aldabra,Silhouette,Praslin, and La Digue.Speak Siselwa, English & French. Capitol Victoria on Mahe in Indian Ocean NE of Madagascar. Seychelles
Highest mtn:Pica Turquino. Isla de la Juventud is 2nd island. Sabana-Camageuy archipelago.Guantanamo Bay.Capital Havana. Cuba
It flows from Delgado Chalbaud mountain (Parima Range) to the Delta Amacuro into the Gulf of Paria.Joins Amazon (via the Casiquiare and Esmerelda) thru the Llanos & via Rio Negro & is mostly in Venezuela Orinoco River
maj river:tipitapa joins 2 big lakes.oth cities:bluefields&granada.n border:coco river.s border:san juan river.former capital:leon.has mosquito coast.has largest lk in c amer.btw honduras&costa rica.capital:managua Nicaragua
n cities on river:bhamo&myitkina.formed confluence mali&nwai rivers.chief tributary:chindwin.thru arakan&pegu mtns.sanskrit=elephant.flows thru mandalay&rangoon&henzada.empties in andaman sea.maj river of burma Irrawaddy River
farthest e is cape andreas.maj cities:famagusta.Kyrenia mtns north,Trodos Mtns in center.island divided btw greeks&turks@green line.capitol:nicosia Cyprus
highest pt:mt cinto.n of sardinia and strait of bonifacio.main base of french foreign legion.capital:ajaccio.pob for napoleon Corsica
largest stream here is kerulen river.yulduz valley had 1st dinosaur eggs.bordered by tianshan mtns in w and khingan range in e.desert in mong&china Gobi Desert
highest pt:baldy mtn.rivers:nelson,churchill.oth cities:brandon,gimli,flin flon.has lake of the woods w/mn.capital:winnipeg Mantioba
dispute w/chad over aouzou strip.oth cities:benghazi&tobruk.3 regions:fazan&cyrneiaca.capital:tripoli Libya
has nkhata bay.ruhuhu river goes into it.2 islands likoma&chizumulu.creates lk malombe.drained by shire river.next to tanzania and mozam.e afr lake named after country.aka lk nyasa Lake Malawi
largest lk:Issyk-Kul.highest mtn:Jengish Chokusu.largest river:naryn& chu.other cities:osh.capital:bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Red Sea
Tien Shan
Tierra del Fuego
Ural Mountains
Vienna or Wien
White Sea
Yukon River
Zambezi River
Aral Sea
Belfast [or Béal Feirste]
Colorado River
Columbia river
Congo (or Zaire) River
County Cork
County Donegal
Drakensberg Mountains
Dublin, Ireland [or Baile Atha Cliath]
Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas
Great Sandy Desert
Hindu Kush
Kingdom of Bhutan
Lake Baikal
Lake Chad
Lake Champlain
Lake Geneva
Lake Ladoga
lake Nicaragua
Lake Superior
Lake Victoria
Lena River
Mariana(s) Trench
Mekong River
Mount Kosciusko
New Guinea
Oder River
Papua New Guinea
Parana River
Portland, Oregon
Red River(s)
Rio de Janeiro
Sacramento River
Snake River
South Dakota
Sri Lanka [or Ceylon]
the Shannon River
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