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ACF Anthropology


Wife Valetta Swan helped him in Mexico.Attacked concept of Oedipus complex.Pupil was Jomo kenyatta. Magic,Science&Religion and CoralGardens&Their Magic&Argonauts of the Western Pacific about Kula Ring on Trobriand Islands.Functional Polish anthropologist. Bronislaw Malinowski
Charles Wright Mills
Claude Levi-Strauss
Clifford Geertz
Coming of Age in Samoa
Edward Sapir
Ferdinand de Saussure
Franz Boas
Georg Simmel
Lewis Henry Morgan
Lewis Mumford
Margaret Mead
Noam Chomsky
Peking man
Robert King Merton
Ruth Fulton Benedict
Arthur Evans
Talcott Parsons
The Division of Labor in Society
The Gift or Essai sur le don
The Golden Bough
The Savage Mind
The Wretched of the Earth
The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life
William Graham Sumner
Australopithecines; accept Australopithecus
Catal Huyuk
Heinrich Schliemann
Homo Erectus
Karl Raimund Popper
Lewis Mumford
Marcel Mauss
the Hmong (or Mong)
The Lonely Crowd
Created by: sc_from_or