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J Explorers


While in the service of Spain in 1542, this Portuguese explorer discovered San Diego Bay & Catalina Island in California Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
This Portuguese explorer commanded the first fleet to reach India from Europe in 1498 and was given the title Admiral of the Indian Sea Vasco de Gama
On Christmas Day, 1497 this Portuguese navigator sighted & named Natal in South Africa Vasco de Gama
The brother of this leader Thorvald, is believed to be the first known European to have died in the Americas Leif Ericson
By presidential proclamation, October 9 is set aside to honor this Viking & all Americans of Nordic heritage Leif Ericson
In the 990s this son of Erik the Red brought Christianity to Greenland and founded Vinland Leif Ericson
Banned from Iceland for 3 years after being convicted of manslaughter, this son of Thorvald headed to Greenland in 982 Erik the Red
A sled is named after this Norwegian explorer who crossed Greenland in an attempt to find the North Pole Fridtjof Nansen
This Scottish explorer discovered the Niger River Mungo Park
Between 1801 & 1803 he became the first person to circumnavigate Australia Matthew Flinders
He led the first known expedition across Anarctica Vivian Fuchs
Born in Brittany, he voyaged to Canada & discovered the St. Lawrence River where he founded Montreal. Jacques Cartier
In 1615 this explorer who has a large island & bay named for him searched for the Northwest Passage William Baffin
He was standing on Darien Peak on the isthmus of Panama with his dog when he became the first European to see the Pacific Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Born Giovanni Caboto, this Genoese born Venetian did his exploring in North America in the service of England and had a son named Sebastian John Cabot
In the 15th century, this Portuguese prince established a school of navigation at Sagres, his castle where he developed the caravel Prince Henry the Navigator
The first European to round Africa's southern tip, he found Cape Agulhas, Africa's southernmost point Bartolomeo Dias
In 1499 and 1501, in the service of Portugal, this Florentine sailed for the new world that Martin Waldseemuller named for him Amerigo Vespucci
In 1524 this Florentine navigator became the first European to visit the New York area Giovanni da Verrazano
He was buried in San Juan under a stone that read "Beneath this stone repose the bones of the valiant lion..." after he was killed by natives in Florida Ponce de Leon
After his terms as governor of Puerto Rico, he went looking for the Fountain of Youth and instead discovered Florida in 1513 Ponce de Leon
This 16th C. explorer whose name means "head of a cow" led a small band of men from Florida to Mexico Cabeza de Vaca
Beginning near Tampa Bay in 1539, this man led the first European exploration to see the Mississippi Hernando de Soto
He fought alongside Pizarro in Peru before becoming a governor of Cuba Hernando de Soto
He conquered the Aztecs in 1521 and became the 1st captain general of New Spain Hernando Cortes
This Spanish explorer looked throughout the American Southwest for the 7 Cities of Cibola Francisco de Coronado
This Danish explorer discovered Alaska for Russia in 1741 Vitus Bering
A river is named for this man born in Scotland in 1764, the first European known to have crossed Canada and has its longest river named after him Sir Alexander Mackenzie
These two Frenchmen explorer the Mississippi River area Marquette and Joliet
In 1682 he claimed the entire Mississippi Valley for France; 5 years later, his own men killed him in Texas La Salle
This founder of Quebec and father or New France also discovered the large lake named for him and Cape Cod in the early 1600s Samuel Champlain
This 17th century English sea captain gave his name to a large North American bay, a river & a strait while serving the Dutch Henry Hudson
Among his ships were the Hopewell, Discovery, and Half Moon and he was set adrift by mutiny in 1611 in Hudson Bay Henry Hudson
He published a history of Virginia & New England in 1624, after escaping from Turks, Indians & pirates partly thanking Pocahontas. He was also president of Jamestown and had an accident with gunpowder Captain John Smith
According to legend, he was a swineherd before he conquered the Incas and founded Lima before being murdered by his followers Francisco Pizarro
Nicknamed "Knight of the Cloak", This English courtier introduced the potato to Ireland & popularized tobacco smoking in Britain and was executed in 1618 Sir Walter Raleigh
He set up the Roanoke colony, explored Guyana and the Orinoco River and wrote "History of the World" in the Tower of London. Sir Walter Raleigh
1st Englishman to sail around the world and the 2nd person in history on his ship the Golden Hind Sir Francis Drake
He raided the Spanish, saved some Roanoke colonists, became mayor of Plymouth and served in Parliament Sir Francis Drake
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