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Old Testament People

Old Testament Figure

War of the Kings Saved nephew Lot Wife Sarah bore Isaac when she was 90 First Patriarch Buried at Cave of Machpela Abraham
nearly sacrificed by father on Mt. Moriah Married Rebeccah, gave birth to Esau and Jacob Isaac
Stole birthright from brother Esau (Esau went on to found the Edonites on Mt. Seir) Loved Rachel, but tricked into marrying Leah first Also had children with Bilhah and Zilpah Children = 12 tribes of Israel Jacob
attendant to Moses one of 12 spies sent to Canaan, gave a positive report - rewarded destroyed walls of Jericho with ram's horn (shofarim) Joshua
one of the Judges (governed Hebrews in Canaan between death of Joshua and establishment of monarchy) With Barak, she defeated Jabin- his general Sisera's chariots got stuck in the river of Kishon Deborah
Nephew of Abraham fled destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah but wife looked back- turned into pillar of salt daughters got him drunk and had sex with him- led to Moab and Ammonite nations Lot
chosen to surive flood Children: Shem- semitic people Ham- African Japheth- various other races Noah
children of Adam and Eve Cain, Abel, and Seth
Moabite, converted to Judaism Stayed with mother-in-law Naomi married Boaz Her book is read on Shavuot Ruth
first king Saul
Prophet Samuel helps married Bathsheba put down son Absalom's rebellion David
built Temple Solomon
interpreted dreams for Nebuchadnezzar Belshazzar's feast- predicted king's downfall Daniel locked in lion's den Daniel
Helped rebuild Temple after Nebuchadnezzar destroyed it- he appealed to King Darius while Israel's neighbors tried to convince King Artaxerxes not to let them rebuild it Ezra
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