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Russian Tsars

russian tsars

Streltsy rebellion Table of Ranks westernization Great Northern War - defeats Sweden at battle of Poltava Peter I (The Great)
Oprichnina (state within a state) called a zemskii sobor (assembly of the land) Time of troubles began with he death Ivan IV (The Terrible)
had husband Peter III killed by Orlov Brothers ended Pugachev rebellion Potemkin- made Potemkin villages Catherine II (The Great)
last czar Rasputin treated hemophilia of son, Alexei led through Ruso-Japanese War and WWI Nicholas II
Treaty of Tilsit with Napoleon Holy Alliance Alexander I
freed serfs created zemstvos (governing bodies) Alexander II
counter-reforms Temporary Regulations pogroms Alexander III
rule began after Decemberist uprising known as "Gendarme of Europe"- helped Habsburgs puts down 1848 Hungarian Revolution Third Section- secret Police Nicholas I
killed Fyodor's brother Dmitri, first of the "false Dmitris" Boris Godunov
first Romanov Michael I
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