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J Ballet

Fine Arts

She was a ballerina with the Kirov before defecting to the West Natalia Makarova
She was a muse for George Balanchine as Dulcinea in Don Quixote Suzanne Farrell
This Danish born dancer is the head of the New York City Ballet Peter Martins
She is the British born ballerina who used to partner with Nureyev and became a dame Margot Fonteyn
This Osage dancer was born in Oklahoma was also once married to George Balanchine Maria Tallchief
She joined the Paris Opera Ballet and then helped her sister Maria start the Chicago City Ballet Marjorie Tallchief
Robert Joffrey founded his own troupe in this city Chicago
Maya Plisetskaya was the prima ballerina for this company after Galina Ulanova Bolshoi
French choreographer who created The Dying Swan for Anna Pavlova Michel Fokine
This ballet company was founded in 1948 by George Balanchine New York City Ballet
This dancer lost her two children in an auto accident before dying by accidental scarf strangulation in 1927 Isadora Duncan
This impresario founder of the Ballet Russes in 1909 worked with Nijinsky and Balanchine Sergei Diaghilev
The Dying Swan was created for this Russian ballerina who also had swans at her home in London Anna Pavlova
She choreographed unusual works such as Deuce Coupe Twyla Tharp
This Tatar was with the Kirov until 1961 when he defected and partnered with Fonteyn and was director of the Paris Opera Ballet Rudolf Nureyev
The Marlinsky Theater in St Petersburg hosts this ballet company Kirov
At Teatralnaya Square in Moscow you can see this company which takes its name from Russian for "big" Bolshoi
One of these, from the French for “throw”, can be a “grand” or “petit” leap from one foot to the other jete
Literally French for "beating", this movement of the leg may be grand, petit or frappe battement
Ballet pose named after a peninsula Arabesque
French term for a spin, it's a full complete turn of the body on one foot Pirouette
A dance for two Pas de deux
Bending of the knee, from the French Plie
Russian-born American choreographer who was related to Balanchivadze composer family and who worked with Stravinsky and Diaghilev George Balanchine
He choreographed the "Slaughter on Tenth Avenue" sequence for the Rodgers & Hart musical "On Your Toes" George Balanchine
He was born in Kiev in 1890, went insane in 1919, and died in London in 1950. Vaslav Nijinsky
He performed from 1909-1913 with Ballets Russes in The Afternoon of a Faun and the Rite of Spring Vaslav Nijinsky
This Centralia, WA born choreographer produced avant garde works, usually with John Cage Merce Cunningham
This African American choreographer created Revelations and other jazz influenced works at his American Dance Theater Alvin Ailey
He created ballets on American life such as West Side Story and Fancy Free and has worked with NYC ballet Jerome Robbins
Nicknamed Misha, he defected in Toronto in 1974 and starred in the movie the Turning Point and in Sex and the City Mikhail Baryshnikov
He founded the White Oak Dance Project and is a former director of American Ballet Theater and Kirov dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov
The "Contraction & Release" method was associated with this female doyenne choreographer of Appalachian Spring Martha Graham
This female choreographer worked for a century and was a descendant of Miles Standish Martha Graham
Characters in this 1942 ballet include the head wrangler & the champion roper and a cowgirl was created by Agnes de Mille Rodeo
She choreographed 3 virgins and a devil, the informer, brigadoon, oklahoma, and fall river legend Agnes de Mille
Vernon & Irene Castle popularized the "hesitation" style of this ballroom dance waltz
Famous tap dancer who danced with Shirley Temple and had the nickname Bojangles Bill Robinson
Tamara Karsavina was the 1st to dance the role of this Stravinsky bird, in 1910 The Firebird
1948 ballet choreographed by Frederick Ashton Cinderella
/// royal ballet
This dance was brought by the gypsies to Andalusia in Spain; castanets were not traditionally used in the dance Flamenco
The fastest dancer in this style is Solero De Jerez, who attained 16 heel taps per second in 1967 Flamenco
Poland's national anthem is in the style of this dance, named for a region of eastern Poland. Chopin wrote some Mazurka
This Irish star isn't just the "Lord of the Dance, he's got "Feet of Flames Michael Flatley
This Seattle, WA founder of an American ballet troupe who was born Abdullah Jaffa Bey Khan created the 1st psychadelic ballet Astarte in the 60s Robert Joffrey
"Dancing on My Grave" & "The Shape of Love" are autobiographical works by this New York City ballet dancer Gelsey Kirkland
Choreographer Rudolf von Laban developed a widely used system of this so you know when to do a fouette Dance notation
This ballerina wrote a biography of George Balanchine after taking off her "red shoes Moira Shearer
Famous 19th century ballerina created the title role in "Giselle" in 1841 Carlotta Grisi
This 18th century ballerina is remembered for shortening her skirt to calf length Marie Camargo
It's the "little" French surname of choreographer Roland of the Ballets de Paris Roland Petit
In 1801, Tsar Paul I brought this Swedish man who introduced flesh-colored tights, to St Petersburg as Ballet Master Charles Didelot
French for on the toes sur les pointes
This Brazilian music style & dance of the 1960s combined samba & cool jazz bossa nova
This dance originated in Cuba as a variation of the mambo cha-cha
Cuba is where you can find the Kings of this mambo
Xavier Cugat was the king of this Cuban dance with subtle hip movements rumba
Popular in the 1940's, the name of this Brazilian dance style means "to rub navels together" and spun off Carioca samba
Arthur Mitchell co-founded this theater in 1968 in response to the death of Martin Luther King Jr Dance theater of Harlem
In a 1935 ballet based on this mythical person, a dancer leaps toward the sun, then crashes to the stage Icarus
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