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(CK)-Prefixes: MONO & POLY

polydactyl Since it was so rare, the newspapers crowded to take pictures of the little girl who was born _____.
polytheism My family believes in only one God, but the ancient Greeks and Romans believed in _____.
monoglot Right now I am monolingual, but in the future I hope to become a _____.
monopoly It is illegal in business today to have a _____.
monochrome Is that really a work of art? It's all black! It's simply too _____!
polygraph The man had to take a _____ test before the trial. His pulse, breathing, and blood pressure showed that he was lying.
polysyllabic If you know your prefixes, suffixes, and root meanings, then you can understand most _____ words.
monotone When readers are _____ you can tell they are not enjoying the story.
monophobia Since Joe has been cured of _____, he can now stay home alone and not feel frightened.
monologue The speaker's opening _____ was so exciting that everyone stood up and clapped for him.
monocle People today wear glasses on both of their eyes instead of a _____ on one eye when they need to read.
mono- This prefix means one.
poly- This prefix means many.
pre- This prefix means before.
post- This prefix means after.
Created by: lindajune