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(CK) Pre & Post

(CK)-Prefixes: PRE & POST

prepaid I just bought a _____ phone card with $50.00 worth of calling time.
prevent When it is very hot, it is wise to _____ getting a headache by drinking lots of water.
prejudge It is against the law to _____ someone before he gets a fair trial.
preview We went to a sneak _____ of an upcoming film titled "Lost in the Galaxy."
predict What do you _____ will happen in the next chapter?
prefixes We have learned the meanings of the _____ pre- and post-.
postgraduate The _____ returned to college to study art history.
postmark The date is March 12, so the _____ on the envelope indicates the same date.
preapproved The man needed to be _____ by the bank before he could buy the house.
postproduction The music was added to the movie during _____.
postscript The _____ included Sarah's new address so that I could write her back.
postmeridian Dance class ended at eight o'clock _____.
precautions You need to be aware of the safety _____ before taking medicine.
pretest Your _____ shows that you already know a lot about history!
postpone We will need to _____ skate night until next month.
Created by: lindajune