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(CK) Christmas Carol

(CK) A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol was written by Charles Dickens
The story is divided into staves
Scrooge and Marley were business partners
Marley has been dead for seven years
Ebenezer can best be described as greedy
The story begins on Christmas Eve
The setting is London, England, in the mid 1800's
Scrooge regards Christmas as an occasion of no importance
Who invites Scrooge to Christmas Dinner? his nephew, Fred
Two portly gentlemen ask Scrooge to give money to the poor and needy
Scrooge growls after agreeing to his clerk's request for a paid holiday
That night Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Jacob Marley
He is walking the earth because he did not care enough about the welfare of others
According to this ghost, a man's main concern should be mankind
This ghost tells Scrooge that he will be visited by three spirits who can help him escape his fate
At one o'clock in the morning Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past
This spirit looks like a child and an old man
The spirit leads Scrooge to a warehouse where Scrooge was apprenticed
On Christmas Eve, Mr. Fezziwig organizes dancing and refreshments
As an employer, Mr. Fezziwig is thoughtful
The spirit shows Scrooge the girl who was once his fiance
Scrooge reacts to the above scene with intense sadness and regret
The next (second) spirit, The Ghost of Christmas Present, looks like a laughing giant
The Ghost of Christmas Present first escorts Scrooge to the home of Bob Cratchit, who is his clerk
Tiny Tim Cratchit is crippled
The Cratchit family is (a theme of the story) poor but happy
Bob's voice trembles when he said that Tiny Tim was growing strong and healthy because he knows Tim is getting weaker, but Bob doesn't want to admit it
The next household (which is Fred's) is very merry
At the Cratchit's house and at Fred's Scrooge learns that he (Scrooge) is disliked by some
Fred tells his family and friends that the one Scrooge hurts the most is himself
The Ghost of Christmas Present took Scrooge to foreign lands, many homes, jails, and hospitals
The last spirit was named The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
This spirit first takes Scrooge to the Exchange where he hears a group of businessmen discussing the death of a rich man
Scrooge is horrified by the three people in the shop of stolen goods who are selling items they have stolen from a dead man
The spirit then shows Scrooge a clear scene in which Tiny Tim is dead and mourned by his family
The last place the spirit takes Scrooge is to a dismal, wretched churchyard where he sees his own grave
The climax of the story is Scrooge's vow to change. He promises to honor Christmas in his heart and try to keep it all the year
Scrooge has a prize turkey delivered to Bob Cratchit's house
When Scrooge sees the portly gentleman on the street, he tells him that he'll give a large sum of money to the poor
Scrooge spends Christmas Day with his nephew and wife
The next day Scrooge told Bob Cratchit that he would raise his salary and help his family
What really happened to Tiny Tim? he did not die
And so, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless Us, Every One!"
I'm as happy as an angel. This is a simile.
I'm as merry as a schoolboy. This is a simile.
I'm as light as a feather. This is a simile.
I'm as giddy as a drunken man. This is a simile.
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