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Akkadian Lesson 14

TermGrammatical NotesDefinition
apālum īpul, ippal to answer, respond, to satisfy a demand or claim, to pay
dȃkum idūk, idâk to kill, execute, defeat
diānum idīn, idīan to judge, give a judgement, start a lawsuit, go to court
emēdum īmid, immid to lean against, touch, cling to, reach, stand by/near, place or lean (something), load, impose (taxes, punishment, on someone)
qabûm iqbi, iqabbi to say, speak command, speech
qabâm utterance, saying, command, speech
qabâm šakānum to promise, give a pledge
sadārum isdur, isaddar to arrange, put in order, to enter in an account, in hendiadys: to occur/do regularly
sadrum in a row, regular, continual
bābum b: bāb; pl: bābū, bābātum; KÁ opening, door, gate, city, quarter
bēlūtum b: bēlūt lordship, dominion, rule, position of power, status of owner
bēlūtam epēšum to rule, exercis authority
itûm itā-; b: itê, itā; ÚS.SA.DU border, neighbor, neighboring field, plot
itā preposition bordering on, beside
kirûm kiri-; pl: kiriātum; Sum. lw. garden, orchard
mārūtum b: mārūt sonship, status of a son
ana mārūtim leqûm to adopt
šērtum b: šēret penalty, punishment
šērtam emēdum to impose a penalty, punishment
warkītum b: warkīt; pl: warkiātum future, later time, time afterward
ana/ina warkīt ūmim in the future
ayyum which
ayyumma fem: ayyītumma whichever, any, some
mamman anyone, someone
mannum who?
mimma anything, something, all
mimma šumšu anything at all, everything
mīnum, minûm what?
ana mīnim, am-mīnim why?
aššum preposition, suf: aššumī- concerning, because of, on account of, for the sake of
Bābilim KÁ.DINGIR.RAki Babylon
Created by: gerberjackie



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