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Gym Final ?s

Gym study guide

The defense strategy when you pick one person on offense to guard is called what? Man on Man
The best pass to use over distance is what? Bounce pass
Name two of four ways to to turn over the ball? Offensive foul and traveling
A shot behind the arc is worth how many points? 3
A shot within the arc is worth how many points? 2
A free shot is worth? 1 point
Charging is a what type of foul? offensive foul
True or False A layup is the best shot to use when you ave an open court and no defenders? True
any foul that involves delay of game, unsportsmanlike conduct, illegal entry, or excessive time out is a what kind of foul? Technical FOUL
Any foul that involves contacting another person is a what type of foul? Personal foul
A player has how many seconds to inbound the ball from the bas line? 10 seconds
The power from the flutter kick comes from were? The hips
Rhythmic breathing is performed while doing what? Freestyle
The best survival stroke is elementary stroke? True or False? True
The _____ kick is used for sidestrokes? whip kick
The whip kick is used for what? breast stroke
A ___________ is when your muscles involuntarily contract and you may ave a sharp pain in the area? Cramp
A shepards hook is a long metal pole used to pull a victim to safety? True or False True
When performing ________ a swimmer should inhale when the head is turned to the side and the arm is up on that side? Freestyle
When performing the _________ kick in freestyle and backstroke your feet should be pointed and relaxed? Flutter kick
The fastest stroke is freestyle? True or False? True
The verbal clue chicken, airplane,soldier, describe what _______? elementary backstroke
When approaching a drowning victim from a distance, identify the fastest most efficient stroke? Side stroke
A kick board is a piece of equipment that is commonly used to teach a person to swim? True or False? True
A PFD is a what? Personal Flotation Device
In a long jump, the run used by the participant prior to take off is called what? approach \
Competitive area for the shot put is the what________? circle
How many laps is a mile? 4
True or False a relay is a race composed of four runners who pass a baton to the next runner. True
The path marked on the track for a race which defines where the runner must stay the race or a portion of it is what lane
The forward movement of any part of the competitors body prior to the signal go is called a _____ start false
True or false meters are longer than yards true
The maximum heart rate is calculated by subtracting your _____ by the number 200 your age
True or false you should stretch areas you will be using during the activity you are doing. true
Aerobic activity, ________ and f.i.t.t should be included in weight training weight training
Name the muscles of the leg hamstrings quadriceps gastrocnemius gluteals
biceps triceps and deltoids are found in the arm
RICE stands for what rest ice compression elevation
Blisters are _______ degree burns 2nd
Wash wound, direct pressure, elevate wound bandage are the best steps to treat what? cut wounds
What should be worn to prevent infection? latex gloves
When someone is diabetic and feels dizzy anything with _____ or that is sweetened should be given to them sugar
True or false signs of hypothermia are being exposed to the cold, disoriented, shivering, blue colored skin and purle lips. True
True or false when someone is clenching their cest and sweating is most likely a heart attack. True
the average adult heart rate is ___ beats per minute 72
F.I.T.T sTANDS FOR WHAT__________ frequency, intensity, time, type
Created by: anera