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English Vocab TKAMB

Vocab of TKAM for semester exams

Aberrations the act of departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
Acrimonious caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature, speech, behavior
Articulate to utter clearly and distinctly
Ascertaining to find out definitely; learn with certainty or assurance; determine
Assuaged to make milder or less severe; relieve; ease favorable:
Austere severe in manner or appearance; uncompromising; strict; forbidding:
Benign having a kindly disposition
Benevolence desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness
Commence Start, begin
Condescended To deal with people in a patronizingly superior manner
Connivance act of CONNIVING; especially: knowledge of and active or passive consent to wrongdoing
Contentious causing, involving, or characterized by argument or controversy
Denunciation an act or instance of denouncing
Dispensation something that is distributed or given out
Elucidate to make lucid or clear; throw light upon; explain
Elusive eluding clear perception or complete mental grasp; hard to express or define
Entailment to restrict property by limiting the inheritance to the owner's lineal descendants or to a particular class
Erratic deviating from the usual or proper course in conduct or opinion
Exodus a mass departure
Expounding To explain in detail
Expunge to strike out, obliterate, or mark for deletion
Furor a general outburst of enthusiasm, excitement, controversy
Guilelessness free from guile; sincere; honest; straightforward; frank.
Illicitly not legally permitted or authorized; unlicensed; unlawful
Indigenous originating in and characteristic of a particular region or country; native
Malevolent wishing evil or harm to another or others
Malignant actively evil in nature
Prerogative an exclusive right, privilege, etc., exercised by virtue of rank, office, or the like
Repertoire a list or supply of dramas, operas, pieces, that a company or person is prepared to perform
Scrutiny a searching study, inquiry, or inspection
Sojourn to stay for a time in a place; live temporarily
Sordid marked by baseness or grossness; dirty, filthy
Succinct expressed in few words; concise; terse.
Taciturn inclined to silence; reserved in speech; reluctant to join in conversation
Temerity unreasonable or foolhardy contempt of danger or opposition :RASHNESS, RECKLESSNESS
Tirade a prolonged outburst of bitter, outspoken denunciation
Uncouth awkward, clumsy, or unmannerly
Undulate to move with a wavelike motion;
Vapid lacking or having lost life, sharpness, or flavor
Vehemently marked by forceful energy; powerful; intensely emotional
Venerable commanding respect because of age or impressive dignity; worthy of veneration or reverence, as because of high office or noble character
Volition an act of making a choice or decision
Wallowing to roll one oneself about in a lazy, relaxed, or ungainly manner; to devote oneself entirely;
Aloof at a distance, esp. in feeling or interest; apart
Auspicious promising success; opportune;
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