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Lab Man. Old test

Exams 1 and 2

McGregor's X-Y Theory advocates managing employees by stressing: Respect for the worker and acknowledgement of his/her ability to perform a task
Maslow's Theory of Management is based upon: A pyramid of goals for the satisfaction of employee needs.
Herzberg's Theory relies upon motivators that are a part of the job design in order to instill job satisfaction. These same motivators can become dissatisfiers if they are lacking in a job. Herzberg's motivators are: Opportunity for achievement and advancement
Management by Objective (MBO) is LEAST effective for managing employees in which situation? Employees must be creative in their work
The four essential functions of a manager are: Planning, organizing, directing, controlling
Which of the following questions is allowable during a pre-employment interview? Have you been convicted of any felonies?
According to the Clinical laboratory Improvement Act of 1988, control of laboratory test reliability is accomplished by all of the following requirements EXCEPT: Professional certification of all testing personnel
CLIA'88 specifies the minimum requirements for proficiency testing (PT) of analytes for which PT is required (excluding cytology) to be: Five challenges per analyte and at least three testing events per year
According to CLIA'88 satisfactory performance for ABO, Rh and compatibility test requires a score of: A. 100%
In order to comply with CLIA'88, calibration material must: Have concentration values that cover the laboratory's reportable range
According to CLIA'88, calibration materials should be appropriate for the methodology and be: Tracable to a reference method and reference material of known value
Under CLIA'88, testing personnel with an associate degree and appropriate training in the clinical laboratory are authorized to perform: Waivered, moderate-complexity and high-complexity tests
Sexual harrassment is a form of discrimination and therefore is prohibited by the: Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)
The most common deficiency cited during an onsite laboratory inspection by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Heathcare Organization (JCAHO) is: Improper documentation
A new employee's performance is to be evaluated at the end of his or her probationary period and must relate to: The person's job description
Which regulatory agency mandates the requirements for protection of clinical laboratories? ◦(PPE) ◦Req hepatitis B vaccination at no cost ◦Req specific biohazard materials labeling ◦Provide training and updating yearly of safety standards Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
CLIA'88 was enacted to regulate the following: All clinical laboratories in the U.S.
During an interview, an employer may request the following from a prospective new employee: Professional certification
What is criteria-based performance evaluation? A criteria-based evaluations are a performance evaluations to see if you are capable of performing the job description that you were hired for
What is a competency evaluation? a competency evaluation is usually used when the employee's probation period and also throughout their time there to make sure that the person is capable of performing their task within the rules of agenies that does lab accreditation.
Explain the difference between competency and criteria-based performance evaluation a critieria-based evaluation is a job evaluation mainly for the actual lab and the competency evaluation is the same but for the lab and lab accrediting agencies.
A comparison of methods for the determination of alkaline phosphatase is categorized in which domain of educational objectives? Cognitive
Attitude, judgment, and interest refer to which domain of educational objectives? Affective
Criterion-referenced examinations are used in order to determine the: Competency of a student according to a predetermined standard
An instructor "curved" a blood bank test given to MLS students. The highest grade was an 85% and the lowest grade was a 60%. What type of test is this? Norm-reference
A stated competency requirement for a CLS student is to perform calibration, plot data, and evaluate the acceptability of controls. This competency requirement encompasses which educational objective? Cognitive - analysis to plot data, make a calibration line and determine conc of controls. Psychomotor - completing the task of running the controls etc. Affective - determining if the results are acceptable or unacceptable
The tech's decision to follow-up on this discrepancy before reporting the results is an example of which domain of behavioral objectives? Affective
In general, the evaluation of students depends on the ability of the instructor to create a test that reflects the stated objectives of the course material as well as making the test: Reliable and valid
When dealing with the instruction of complex instrumentation, a demonstration by the instructor is necessary and should include the following: A step-by-step narrative with comparisons to a manual method
An instructor of clinical laboratory science was given the task of expanding the curriculum for the senior (BS level) MLS students. Which of the following courses should be included in the curriculum? Computer - LIS (Laboratory Information Systems)
Direct laboratory costs for tests include which of the following? Overtime pay
Which of the following accounts for the largest portion of the direct cost of a laboratory test? Employee labor
Using the surcharge/cost-plus method for determining test charges, determine the charge for an ova and parasite examination on fecal specimens, Collection, handling, clerical etc = $2.00 Ref lab charge to lab = $20.00 Lab "mark-up" = 100% $42.00
In deciding whether to adopt a new test on the laboratory's automated chemistry analyzer, which parameters are needed to determine the number of tests that must be performed to break even? Total fixed laboratory costs
Which statement best represents the relationship between test volume and revenue or costs for batch-run tests? As volume increases the revenue also increases; As volume increases, costs should decrease and revenue increase
. The laboratory services rendered by the hospital are paid according to an agreed-upon fee schedule. The specific laboratory procedures are billed according to which system of coding? Current procedural terminology (CPT)
A hospital has a contract with a major medical insurer that reimburses the laboratory at a rate of $1.00 per insured life per year. This type of reimbursement is termed: Capitation
According to federal and state regulations, a hospital's capital budget should include which of the following before projects costing $150,000 can be submitted for approval? A certificate of need
A rural hospital laboratory employs 8.25 FTEs (full-time equivalents). In order to budget for next year's salaries for these employees, the laboratory manager needs to submit which figures for the laboratory's projected annual budget? Total (paid) hours
A chemistry profile that includes electrolytes, glucose, BUN, and creatinine was ordered on an 80-year-old woman with symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. How should the laboratory submit the charge for these tests for reimbursement by Medicare? Submit as one test
Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) is a team effort approach for clinical laboratories to: Identify potential problems and correct them
Which of the following is NOT an appropriate guideline for phlebotomist's to follow in order to prevent a malpractice lawsuit? Use one form of patient ID, such as the last name
CODE 128, ISBT 128, CODE 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5 symbologies are used by laboratory information systems to create which of the following? barcode labels
Created by: kashe220
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