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PT Care SUR 105

Final Exam Study Sheet

Given the focused and technical tasks of the operating room, the team must struggle against the tendency to lose sight of the patient as a whole
The needs or activities related to one's identification or interaction with another individual or group forms which component of the human being? social
A uterine fibroid is an example of what type of factor causing surgical intervention? nonmalignant neoplasm
An example of a malignant neoplasm? glioblastoma
According to Maslow's hierarchy, which are the most basic needs? physiological
All developmental theories must account for changes in which domain? cognitive
One of the advantages to the life-stage approach is that it does not require advanced levels of education to apply.
If the pt asks what you do, you should explain in simple factual detail.
Which consideration may be more relevant to the elderly pt than to the adolescent? pt's skin condition
When positioning the elderly, the team must be especially aware of a loss of mobility in joints
What is a common physiological factor in the elderly? decreased coronary artery blood flow
Any need or activity related to one's identification or interaction with another individual or group is termed what kind of need? social
Any need or activity related to the identification and understanding of one's place in an organized universe (theology, philosophy, mythology, intuition) is what type of need? spiritual
Which two broad factors apply to a pt's reaction to health, illness and hospitalization? adaptation, stress
An adolescent pt is very conscious about privacy
Adult pts worry about money
Which term describes the following coping mechanism: "The pt does not want to accept the truth of what is occurring"? repression
Which term describes the following coping mechanism: "The pt returns to an earlier stage of life such as that of a child and exhibits behaviors unique to that stage of life"? regression
Which term describes the following coping mechanism: " A pt holds in thoughts and feelings about a disease or illness"? repression
Which term describes the following coping mechanism: "A patient tries to give excuses as to why he or she has a particular illness"? rationalization
Which patient need should a surgical team primarily respond to? physical
Which religion uses the Torah as a holy text? Jewish
Which religion does not drink tea or coffee? Buddhist
What name is given to the room in the surgery department that contains sinks for gross decontamination? decontamination
Why should cabinets and doors within the operating room be recessed into the wall? prevents dust accumulation
The term PACU refers to post anesthesia care unit
Permanent surgical specimens are usually sent to the pathologist in formalin
Not considered a physical hazard body fluids
Back injury or pain is usually the result of factors that may include all EXCEPT pushing heavy equipment
The danger of fire in th operating room has been reduced with the introduction of which type of anesthetic agents? halogenated
What type of fire extinguisher should be available for when laser surgery is involved? halon
What is used to create a pathway for electrical to be returned from the pt back to the ESU? grounding pad
What is NOT a factor to remember concerning the safety of the surgical tech and ionizing radiation? age
What organization established universal precautions and body substance isolation rules? OSHA
To avoid needlestick injury, hypodermic needles should never be recapped
latex is made of what substance harvested from trees found in warm tropical climates? rubber
Operating room walls should have what characteristics? easy to clean with a microbial solution
The room where pts are recovered immediately following surgery is known as PACU
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