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TCM Herbs 1

List the herbs that treat Lin Syndrome? "Fu ling, Yi Yi Ren, Che Qian Zi, Mu tang, Zhu Ling, Hua Shi, Tong Gao and etc. (look up Drain dampness category)"
Which herbs treat eye disorders? Che Qian Zi
Which herbs treat heat at the Qi level with dampness? Hua Shi
Which herb combo’s with Ma Huang for edema and cough? Che Qian Zi
Which herb treats any damp heat disorder with a greasy tongue coating and digestive disorder? Yi Yi Ren
"Which is harmonious, balanced, enters the HT,SP, K, and LU channel, promotes urination and strengthens the SP?" Fu Ling
"In biomedical terms, the herbs in the drain dampness category are what?" Diurectics
Why are the herbs that drain dampness cautioned in pt with XIN Xu or depleted fluids? What are the exceptions? "They promote urination, drain fluids, can be combined with other herbs in formula"
What are the primary uses for herbs that cool the blood? "Damp heat, dysenteric dx, urinary difficulty/pain, jaundice, furuncles, eczema"
Herbs that cool the blood are often combined with what other category of herbs? "Drain fire, clear heat/r. toxicity"
What are the general cautions and contraindications of herbs that cool the blood? SP/ST Xu
What are the two most important herbs in the Clear heat and R. Tox category and often used together to clear wind-heat from the upper burner? Jin Yin Hua and Lian Qiao
This herb clr heat/r. toxicity is stronger at dispersing and venting? Jin Yin Hua
This clr heat/r. toxicity herb is more effective at dispersing heat from constraint and reducing clumps? Lina Qiao
What are the two most important herbs (clr heat/r. tox) in treatment of toxic sores and swellings? (Along with Jin Yin Hua and Lian Qiao),Pu Gong Ying and Zi Hua Di Ding
"Which herb (clrs heat/R. tox) is esp. useful for firm hard sores, dispersing clumps and promotes urination?" Pu Gong Ying
"Which herb (clr heat/R. tox) is considered primarily for treatment of deep rooted sores and other hot, toxic, lesions?" Zi Hua Di Ding
What are the two main herbs (clr heat/r. tox) that are effective for heat and toxicity as well as painful obstruction (Bi pain)? Ren Dong tang and Si Gua Luo
"This herb (clr heat/r. tox) is for ABD pain due to heat, esp. in women?" Ren Dong tang
"This herb (clr heat/r. tox) focuses on breast problems, including insufficient lactation?" Si Gua Lou
What are the two main herbs (clr heat/r. tox) that treat intestinal abscess? Yu Xing Cao and Hong teng
Most effective herb (clr heat/r. tox) for LU abscess? Yu Xing Cao
This herb (clr heat/r. tox) is used when Blood stasis is an important aspect of the problem. Also dispels pain? Hong Teng
This herb (clr heat/r. tox) is for breast abscess and to encourage lactation? Lou Lu
Both of these herbs (clr heat/r. tox) are used for systemic heat toxins as well as cancer? Chuan Xin Lian and Bai Hua She She Cao
"This herb (clr heat/r. tox) is exceptionally effective at clearing heat, r tox, and cooling the blood? Also Very bitter." Chuan Xin Lian
"This (clr heat/r. tox) herb facilitates the expulsion of damp-heat, particularly in dysenteric disorders and painful urinary dribbling?" Bai Hua She she Cao
"Both of these herbs (clr heat/r tox) treat summer-heat, used topically for toxic sores and swellings?" He Ye and Lou Dou
This herb clr heat/r. tox) is used for diarrhea in the aftermath of summer-heat? He Ye
Lu Dou is used for what indication? Thirst
Bai Xian Pi and Tu Fu Ling treat what problem? Hot skin lesions
"What herb (clr heat/r. tox) is more for Damp-heat in the Blood leading to itchy skin lesions, damp-heat sores, jaundice, and vaginal discharge?" Bai Xian Pi
Which herb (clr heat/r. tox) is more for toxic dampness with noxious sores (such as those from syphilis) and damp heat in the lower burner? Tu Fu Ling
What are the names of the three herbs (clr heat/r. tox) that are used for severe throat pain and swelling from heat toxins? "Ma bo, Shan dan Gen, and She Gan"
"This (clr heat/r. tox) herb is neutral, clears Lu Fire, and stops bleeding?" Ma bo
"Which herb (clr heat/r. tox.) is bitter, more cooling and directs Qi downward, and so it can treat a variety of abscesses and other toxic swellings?" Shan Dan Gen
"This (clr heat/r tox) herb not only directs heat downward, but also transforms phlegm and used for wheezing?" She Gan
"All three of these herbs (clr heat/r. tox) come from the same indigo plant, cool heat in the blood and reduce skin blotches?" "Da Qing ye, Ban Lan Gen and Qing Dai"
Which (clr heat/r. tox) herb enters both the Qi level and Blood levels? Da Qing ye
Which (clr heat/r. tox) herb is esp. good at cooling the Blood and resolving toxicity? Ban Lan Gen
"This (clr heat/r. tox) has a unique focus on the Liver, esp. LV-LU coughs?" Qing Dai
What three herbs (clr heat/r tox) are used for treating dysenteric disorders and are often combined with each other? "Bai Tou Weng, Ya Dan Zi, Ma Chi Xian"
What (clr heat/r. tox) herb is best for dysentery primarily due to Damp-heat? Bai Tou Weng
This (clear heat/r tox) herb is best for dysentery that repeatedly reoccurs? Ya Dan Zi
What herb (clr heat/r. tox) is best for those with severe tenesmus (constant urge to defecate)? Ma Chi Xian
"The symptoms: Hot, painful, swollen, and red indicate what?" Toxins
"The symptoms: Hot, painful, swollen, fever, lethargy and general sickness are signs of what?" Hot Toxic
What type of property does herbs that clear heat/ r. toxicity have? Dispersing
Toxins are caused by what? Accumulations of pathogens
"What is the clr heat/r tox herb used to treat epidemic outbreak, regardless of constitution?" Da Qing ye
What clr heat/r. tox herb treats chronic or reoccurring dysenteric dx. Particularly for amebic dysentery? Ya Dan Zi
Which (clr heat/r. tox) is primarily used for bacillary dysentery with incomplete BM’s? Ma chi Xian
The caution for which herb (clr heat/r tox) has to be monitored carefully because it stimulates gastrointestinal mucosa and is toxic to both LV and K? Ya Dan Zi
What syndromes from (clr heat form Xu) treat? Steaming bone disorder and Lv and K yin Xu
"If you see symptoms such as: Fever at night, coolness in the morning, absence of normal sweating as the fever recedes or dark red tongue, what would be the cause?" Later stages of warm febrile dx. In which heat is still present and yin has been injured.
Which herb (clrs heat form XU) treats steaming bone disorder with sweating? Di Gu Pi
Which herb (clr heat from Xu) treats steaming bone disorder without sweating? Qing hao
"Which herb (clr heat from Xu) clears many types of Yin Xu heat including that from Yin Xu, Bld Xu, Summer-heat, and heat in the bld leading to bleeding. It also check malarial disorders." Qing Hao
"What herb (clr heat from Xu) cools the blood and clears heat from the Ying level in warm-heat pathogenic diseases. Also effective at draining upward flaring fire, including that from Lu and K." Di Gu Pi
Which (clr heat from Xu) Cools the bld and treats Blood Xu type steaming bone disorder. It also nourishes the yin? Bai Wei
Which herb (clr heat from Xu) cools the blood and is esp effective at reducing the symptoms of steaming bone disorder. Also treats fever from childhood nutritional impairment? Yin Chai Hu
Which herb (clr heat from Xu) drains fire and is used for steaming bone disorder due to lingering heat. It also eliminates fevers due to childhood nutritional impairment. Esp. effective at clearing damp-heat? Hu huang Lian
What are the three categories of the downward draining herbs? "Purgatives, moist laxatives, and harsh expellants"
This downward draining herb is often used for constipation due to accumulation of heat? Purgatives
"This downward draining herb is most appropriate for debilitated, elderly, and those who are weakened from a febrile disease or childbirth?" Moist laxatives
"This downward draining herb can be useful to treat pleurisy and ascites, only in very severe cases?" Harsh Expellants
What is the cause of a febrile disease reaches the interior of the body and enters the ST and Intestines and depletes the fluids? Constipation due to accumulation of heat
If constipations is accompanied by Cold symptoms what would be required for treatment? Warm the interior
"Which purgative has the widest range of action, r. tox at blood level and invigorates the blood?" Da Huang
Which purgative moistens dryness and softens hardness and is used for hard and dry stool in the intestines? Mang Xiao
Which purgative is stronger purgative than Da Huang. It should be used in dose under 6g to prevent discomfort. It also treats Edema? Fan Xie Ye
What are the two moist laxatives both contain oils which moisten the Intestines? Huo Ma Ren and Yu Li Ren
"What moist laxative herb is more gentle in its action, has nourishing properties, and is thus used in the treatment of deficient disorders?" Huo Ma Ren
"Which moist laxative is stronger, promotes urination and reduces edema. It is often used for excess disorders. Caution for Xu and Pregnancy?" Yu Li Ren
"What three harsh expellants are all used in the tx of severe edema and accumulation of fluids in the chest and abdomen. They are all toxic and therefore should only be used in small doses for short periods of time, in very carefully selected patients?" "Gan Sui, Jing Da Ji, and Yuan Hua"
"Which harsh expellants is more moderate in nature than the others in this group, and can be used in the treatment of intestinal worms and food stagnation." Qian Nu Zi
What is the category of herbs that treat accumulation of fluids and combination of dampness and heat? Drains Dampness
Which herb (drains dampness) is very important in the treatment of urinary tract stones? Jin Qian Cao
"Which drain dampness herb is known, not only to promote urination while tonifying the SP but also calms the heart?" Fu Ling
Which drain dampness herb clears heat while treating wind-dampness? Yi Yi Ren and Bi Xie
Which two drain dampness herb’s unblocks lactation? Tong Cao and Dong Gua Zi
Which drain dampness herb is used for painful urination but also resolves stones in the urinary tract? Hua Jin Sha
Which drain dampness herb softens hardness and resolves stones? Jin Qian Cao
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