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mid term english 6-1

review for my mid term

Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon; hero of Olympus; protagonist, narrator, has dyslexia and ADHD, goes to Yancy Academy
Annabeth daughter of Athena, goes on a quest with Percy, great at battle strategy, likes architecture, scared of spiders
Grover Satyr, Percy's protector and friend, goes on a quest with Percy, goes to Yancy Academy
Mrs. Dodds Fury, was disguised as Percy's math teacher at Yancy, tries to kill Percy
Mr. Brunner (chiron) Greek history teacher at Yancy, really a centaur
Luke Antagonist; tries to kill Percy. Gives him defective shoes. The Lightning Thief, son of Hermes
Thalia Daughter of Zeus, the tree on Half-Blood hill
Furies The torturers of Hades. There are three of them and they tried to kill Percy.
Chiron Centaur, director of activities at Camp Half-Blood, lives forever only if he's needed.
Satyr Half-human, half goat, they are the protectors of demi-gods
Minotaur head of a bull, body of a muscular man, abducts Percy's mom and Percy kills him
Centaur Upper body and arms of a human, body of a horse
Zeus God of the sky and lightning, king of gods
The Three Fates They make string, and if they cut the string, someone dies
Poseidon God of Thesea, one of the big three, Percy's father
Hades God of the Underworld, one of the big 3, tries to kill Percy
Athena Goddess of war and wisdom, Annabeth's mother
Aunty Em/Medusa Monster, courted Poseidon until Athena turned her into a monster, killed by Percy
Dionysis God of wine; sentenced to direct Camp Half-Blood for 100 years by Zeus
Ares God of war; tries to kill Percy
Arachne turned into a spider by Athena
Titans the rulers before the gods
Naiads maidens of rivers
Nereids Maidens of the ocean
Persephone Queen of the underworld
Kronos The father of the big three olympians and three goddesses and ruler of the Titans
Cerberus Three headed dog who guards Hades
Procrustes Tries to kill Percy; kills people with his hospitality
Chimera head of a lion, body of a goat, tail of a snake; tries to kill Percy
Created by: death is forever