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Stack #52000

spcific gravity ionic solutes cause protons to be released
pH methyl red andd bromthymol blue
blood pseudoperoxidase activity of the heme moiety
leukocyte esterase cleaves an esterr and forms aromatic compound w azocoupling to form dazonium salt
nitrite diazotization reaction of nitrite
protein precipitation technique, indicator of errors
glucose glucose oxidase
ketones nitropruside reacction
bilirubin azocoupling w diazonium salt to form azo dye
urobilinogen modified Erlich's reagent
prophobilinogen Watson Schwartz test
increase transitional epis uti or transitional cell carcinoma
renal tubular acute ischemic or toxic renal disease from heavy metals
oval fat bodies glomerular dysfunction increased protein and casts
increased hyaline exercise, dehydration,fever stress
waxy casts tubular obstruction w prolonged stasis, chronic renal failure
red blood cell casts intrinsic renal disease, glomerulonephritis
wbc casts renal inflammation or infection, pyelonephritis
renal tubular casts intrinsic renal tubular disease
increased numbers casts proteinuria must be present
rbc casts blood should be positive
bile pigmented casts bilirubin should be positive
monosodium urate, uric acid found in acidic urine
calcium oxilate, bilirubin crystals found in acidic urine
cystine crystals, tyrosine crystals found in acidic urine
leucine and cholesterol crystals found in acidic urine
amorphous phosphate, triple phosphate found in alkaline urine
calcium phosphate, ammonium biurate found in alkaline urine
calcium carbonate found in alkaline urine
Created by: rbmilham