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Neuro Quiz #3 & 5

If you see the superior and inferior colliculi, the pineal gland and two large bundles of cut axons indicating that large brain structure has been removed, what view of the brainstem are you examining? Dorsal
A person suffers a stroke and has difficulty recognizing various objects (eg they can't tell a hammer from a screw driver anymore-although they can see that something is there) which brain lobe was most likely damaged? Temporal lobe
What would you call a complete "brain slice" (a cut through the entire cerebrum) that reveals the most dorsal on only one side) or hemisphere Sagittal
Which small medical brain structure contains multiple gray matter nuclei whose activity can provoke various "drive states" like hunger, thirst, etc? Hypothalamus
Name 2 of the 3 structures that make up the brainstem (can you name all three?) Pons, medulla, midbrain
What is white matter? cell bodies that are fatty because they are white
Which critical behavioral function is coordinated by frontal lobe, the basal ganglia and the cerebellum and is compromised by damage to any of these? Motor movement/ timing of movement
Dolphins appear to have much bigger temporal lobes than we do, which important sensory function may be at least somewhat enhanced in dolphins vs humans? Sense of smell (olfactory bulbs/function)
The neocortex is organized horizontally in to six distinct _______ and organized vertically into _______ of neurons linked together. Each _______ appears to respond only to a certain stimulus with functional significance. 1) layers, 2) columns, 3) columns
What is the name of the brainstem nucleus that releases norepinephrine? Locus coureleous
Name white matter tract linking Wernicke's and Broca's area. Arcuate fasciculus
Name the white matter tract which carries voluntary motor commands from neocortex commands that ultimately reach the muscles that generate speech? corticobulbar
Which brain areas comprise the extra pyramidal motor system? subcortical motor nuclei, the basal ganglia
Ataxia is often a consequence of damage to which region of the brain? Cerebellum
Wernicke's area is located in which gyrus? Left superior temporal gyrus
Which brain areas are disconnected in transcortical motor aphasia? 1) Prefrontal, 2) Premotor Cortex, 3) Supplementary Motor Area (SMA)
Name two aphasias characterized by the inability to repeat words or phrases. 1) Broca's aphasia, 2) Wernicke's aphasia
Name one typically fluent aphasia. Wernicke's aphasia
Broca is the most common _______ aphasia, while Wernicke's is the most common ________ aphasia. 1) expressive, 2) receptive
Primary auditory cortex appears to "map" sound according to which physical feature of sound waves? Frequency
Created by: rcheek
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