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Test 7 review

review for pgs. 261-294

In "The Night the Bed Fell," the author's what and toppled over? The cot or bed.
"Come, read to me some poem, Some simple and heartfelt lay" was from what story? "The Day is Done"
"He caught and bound my wandering wing But still He bends to hear me sing" is from what story? "A Prisoner's Song"
"Said the Robin to the Sparrow: "I should really like to know why these anxious human beings rush about and worry so" is from what story? "Overheard in an Orchard"
"How many blessings I enjoy that other people don't" is from what story? "Blind but Happy"
The speaker quarreled with his who in "The Quarrel?" brother
Who wrote "Of the Imitation of Christ?" Thomas a Kempis
"Fear not the night; the morning follows soon. Each has his task to make the earth more fair" is from what story? "Be Not Afraid Because the Sun Goes Down"
In The Night the Bed Fell," the author's what was convinced the heavy attic bed had fallen on Father? mother
"The smiling conscience in a sleeping breasat has only peace, has only rest" is from what story? "A Good Night"
The Night the Bed Fell" was written by who? James Thurber
John and Mary were warned to pull in their what? latchstring
John and Mary were left alone by whom because they didn't follow their advice? the indians
"I have a place where my spirit sings, in the hollow of God's Palm," was from what story? "The Place of Peace"
"Will the day's journey take the whole long day? From morn to night my friend" was from what story? "Up-Hill"
Be able to describe what happened between Ivan and Gabriel in "A Spark Neglected Burnd the House. Be specific! Look over the story to refresh your memory!!!
In "Up-Hill," the pilgrim will find what at the end of his journey? comfort and rest
The poem "Peace" describes what far-away country? heaven
Why did John and Mary drawe in the latchstring before going to bed? They had been warned that Indians were on the warpath.
Later that night, why did John put the latchstring back outside? John and Mary didn't want to deny their faith in God's care.
In the first selection from Of the Imitation of Christ, what insures joy? a good conscience
Who gives the singer joy in "How Can I Keep from Singin? Christ, the Savior
The Confessions of St. Augustine claims that God created man for what purpose? to praise Him
Who wrote "Up-Hill?" Christina Rossetti
Who wrote "The Day is Done?" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Created by: Mrs. Howie



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