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The Pilgrams

Canterbury Tales

Honorable and Noble man who ruled the City The Knight
Courteous server to the Knight, Lived to impress others The Squire
Skillful forester whom had a bow and arrow The Yeoman
Well-raised prissy women, whom was tender but plump The Nun
Macho-man whom differs from most other men. The Monk
Arranges marriages and focuses on the profits benefiting himself rather than others The Friar
Spoke pompously and hid the fact that he was in dept The Merchant
Studious and highly educated man of Oxford The Cleric
Wise and successful lawyer who held justice for the King and his people The Sargent
Wise in the field of culinary arts and eating The Franklin
Served others and earned their money by living to please The Guildsman
Unsanitary man flawed due to the gross ulcer on his knee The Cook
Killed his prisoners, stole wine a pirate like man The Skipper
Treated people with the plague and earned his money, a greedy man The Doctor
Provacative lady with 5 husbands The Wife of Bath
Rich by work and does good deeds The Parson
Hard worker and brother to the Parson The Plowman
Scottish man whom was phsyical and strong, dirty on the outside The Miller
Lawyers assistant whom was patient and intellegent The Manciple
Farm manager who was old and in charge the Reeve
Paid to summon sinners before the court The summoner
Queer guy The Pardoner
Created by: Erica(: