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Tommy plus

Visual Arts and P&P Crap

What songs have been created thus far? Weena dies-music and lyrics meets elio-save weena from drowning-lyrics meeting at his house-music and lyrics traveling to crab era-music
Understand the symbolism of religion in the film Tommy the symbolism is in the beginning, they try a bunch of different religions but in the end I believe they become christian
How does Tommy use religion? The film uses religion in the scene where Tommy comes alive and he when Tommy is still *in comma thing*, his mom tries three different religions on him baptizes his mom while saying those who love me have a higher path to take- microphone with a cross
relate timbre to the timeline of popular music throughout time,musicians changed their timbre based on wether or not they are doing punk rock or adult alternative
relate timbre to something from the songs we have listened to all year each song has a different timbre, making it its own unique song
relate timbre to something from your opera you use timbre in the opera when you try to make songs sound different then others based on the mood of the scene but you can recycle the same melody so you don't work your butt off
What is Timbre? The difference or uniqueness between sounds
Relate timbre to something from Tommy because of timbre, you can recycle a song and just change some instruments to make it sound completely different which is what Tommy did
Anarchy in the Uk was different from 1999 how? because of the timbre, Anarchy in the UK was ruff and loud and 1999 was quieter than UK but made you want to dance
Explain the story of Tommy in great depth key points- step dad kills dad and traumatizes Tommy by making him not say anything, gypsy, fake religion and normal religion don't work on Tommy, pinnball champ
What was important in the music world in 1976? Anarchy in the UK came out and alternitive music went underground and split the popular music
What was important in the music world in 1990-1 resurfaced into adult alternitive
Name the first four things that happen in the timeline for Time Machine gathering in TT's house, TT makes the time machine, TT explains about travel and TT meets eloi
Name the second list of four things in the Time Machine TT saves Weena, Eloi are scared of the night, goes down well and finds museum
Name the third three things that happen in the Time Machine TT sets forest on fire (kills Weena), TT finds the machine, TT keeps traveling forward in time
Name the fourth last two things in the Time Machine Sees giant crabs, red sky, pink water with salt incrusted on it, goes back to his own time
Who actaully sang I will survive? Gloria Ganer
Who sang 1999? Prince
Who sang I will survive, revised? Cake
Who sang Hell hounds on my tail? Robert Johnson
Who sang Seeing Red? Minor Threat
Who sang smells like teen spirit Nervana
Who sang Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Who sang Eleanor Rigby Beetles
Who sang The Jack AC/DC
Who sang Search and Destroy in the album Raw Power? Iggy Pop
Who sang Foggy Notion and I'm sticking with you? Velvet Underground
Who sang Rappers Delight? Sugar Hill Gang
Who sang Bliztqreak Bob? The Ramones
Who sang Cherry Bomb? The Runaways
Who sang Time? Pink Floyd
What was pop art? Pop art challenged tradition by asserting that an artist's use of the mass-produced visual commodities of popular culture is contiguous with the perspective of fine art
What does contiguous mean? in the same spectrum
What does commodities mean? elements
What does asserting mean? state positivly
what does mundane mean? boring
What does banal or kitschy mean? unuseful knick knacky stuff
what does incongruent mean? not compatible
what is the origin of reliefs? the latin word levo meaning raise
what are the three types of reliefs? alto, mezzo and basso
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