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"Monster" Terms

"Monster" novel vocab

defendant The party against which an action is brought.
prosecutor One that initiates and carries out a legal action, especially criminal proceedings.
jury A body of persons sworn to judge and give a verdict on a given matter, especially a body of persons summoned by law and sworn to hear and hand down a verdict upon a case presented in court.
opening arguments The beginning of the trial where each attorney makes a statement about the case
closing arguments At the end of the trial where each attorney sums up the case
testify To make a declaration of truth or fact under oath; submit testimony: witnesses testifying before a grand jury.
defense attorney The lawyer representing the defendant
prosecuting attorney A government official who conducts criminal prosecutions on behalf of the state
"The Bench" Refers to the judge and where he sits
expert witness A witness with experience in a specific area who testifies (both sides can provide their own witnesses)
felony serious crime, punishable by death or incarceration in excess of one year
suppress to keep from being revealed, published or circulated. To keep from public knowledge
verdict the decision reached at the end of a trial
alibi proof that someone was somewhere else other than where the crime was committed
informer a person reveals confidential information in return for money
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