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Rutiri-Entrep. Chap8

Selecting Your Business "What's Your Competitve Advantage?"

How many basic business types are there? 4
What are the four basic business types? Manufacturing, wholesale, retail, service
What is something that exists in nature or is made by human beings. Product
What is work that provides time, skills, or expertise in exchange for money. Service
It is not a good idea to turn a hobby, skill, or interest in to a business? False!
For your business to be successful, you will need to do what? have a competitive advantage
What are the six factors of gaining a competitive advantage. Quality, Price, Location, Selection, Service, Speed/Turnaround
A youth business should be what? SIMPLY and SAFE! Don't start a business with a product or service that could hurt anyone.
What is a rule for choosing right from wrong. Ethic
Design flyers and posters is an example of what area of business? Advertising/Publicity
What is a business that helps businesses and entertainers market themselves to young people. Image consultant
What is this job that could earn great extra money which includes taking 3 to 4 dogs at a time out for a walk. Dog walker
This could earn you some great extra money in this line of work with the wedding industry in Charleston. Calligraphy - addressing wedding invitations to guest.
Raising popular breeds, such as parakeets and finches, are difficult to raise is an examples of what business? Raising Birds
Who said this famous quote, "I don't make movies to make money; I make money to make movies." Walt Disney
There is a long, proud connection in the US between entrepreneurship and what? Philanthropy
Philanthropists often give their money through what? foundations
Entrepreneur starting out should keep it simple. True
Pick a name that reflects good ____________ sense. business
Created by: eva_rutiri



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