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soci final8


What does “tram phan tram” (Vietnamese) literally mean? Offer toasts of congratulations or appreciation before the meal starts. “tram phan tram” (meaning 100% or bottom up!)
Under non-verbal gestures and their meaning in Vietnam. Touch childs head-not appreciated Cross arms-disrespect Place one/both hands pockets/hips-arrogance/lack respect Pat back, esp senior in age/status-disrespect Point to others-disrespectful/threatening Put feet on table/sitting on desk
Why is it important to tell who is who when negotiating with Vietnamese? It may not be very obvious at the beginning of the meetings Don’t rely on titles or on who is doing most of the talking “Watch out for the elderly gentleman at the back” -- a US businessman
What are the regional differences between Southern and Northern Vietnam? North works under close control of the ruling powers,remains traditional & rigid. South is main engine of national economic growth, & full of a free-wheeling entrepreneurial spirit. Most rural residents manage to make a living from either 7land or sea
Created by: sharabeara13