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Plurals and PossessivesFOL-PACKET 1
How many (churchs, churches, churches') are in this town? churches
Bill is going to have supper with the (Baxters, Baxterses, Baxter's) this evening. Baxters
Sally has worked for at least five different (companys, companies, company's). companies
Did you know that the (Ross's, Rosses', Rosses) house burned. Rosses'
I placed my purchases on (Mr. Madisons, Mr. Madisons', Mr. Madison's) counter. Mr. Madison's
Sam and Shauna headed to ( Susan's, Susans', Susans) after school. Susan's
Seven (hours, hour's, hours') time was needed for painting. hours'
(Sams, Sam's, Sams') singing could be heard throughout the building. Sam's
The rivers and (valleys, vallies, valleys') of Wisconsin are beautiful. valleys
Timmy had ten (pennys, pennies, pennies') in his pocket. pennies
Mike and (Johns, John's, Johns') team won the championship. John's
(Liz and Tom's, Liz's and Tom's, Lizs' and Toms') apartments were both robbed last night. Liz's and Tom's
Did the (Krogman's, Krogmans, Krogmans') cat ever come back? Krogmans'
Her (eyelashs, eyelashes, eyelashes') were heavily coated with mascara. eyelashes
The (altoes, altos, altos') sang beautifully. altos
Mr. (Foxs, Foxes, Fox's) office is way back in the corner. Fox's
Jack and Candy Dash will meet several other (Dash's, Dashes, Dashs) at the reunion. Dashes
All employees in the (Electronics, Electronic's, Electronics') Department have completed their assignments. Electronics
The neighbors were disturbed by (Carter, Carter's, Carters') yelling. Carter's
Did you know that the (Clarks, Clark's, Clarks') have moved to Michigan? Clarks
Many people had struggles in the (1940s, 1940's, 1940s') following World War II. 1940s
Four (attourneys, attornies, attorneys') met to prepare their case. attorneys
Mrs. Clay prepared (lunchs, lunches, lunchs's) for our students. lunches
Paul's two (brother-in-laws, brother-in-law's, brothers-in-law) are very different. brothers-in-law
Three (weeks', weeks, week's) work was piled on my desk. weeks'
Elizabeth's voice is as strong as (Rachels, Rachels', Rachel's). Rachel's
The (Garveys, Garvey's, Garveys') suitcases were lost by the airline. Garveys'
Several (nurses, nurses', nurse's) wore white uniforms. nurses
All the (nurse's, nurses', nurses) uniforms were old-fashioned. nurses'
The gigantic boat at the end of the pier belongs to the (Kennedys, Kennedies, Kennedys'). Kennedys
Created by: jstruss