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Hon. Odyssey Review

long narrative poem about a hero epic
an epic that serves as our primary model for a long journey Odyssey
The epic poet addresses whom for help in telling his story? Muse
Odysseus has angered this god; god of the sea Poseidon
The author increases this literary element when the Cyclops refuses Odysseus' request for hospitality suspense
Weapon used to blind the Cyclops spear
The Cyclops' curse is an example of what literary term? foreshadowing
Aeolus is the god of __________. Wind
Circe helps Odysseus by telling him to seek the help of what prophet in order to get home? Tiresias
Circe turned Odysseus' men into ___________. swine
What adventure is often used as a metaphor for any difficult choice or a "no win" situation? Scylla and Charybdis
What beings attempt to lure Odysseus and his men by singing flattery and praise? Sirens
By what means of escape did Odysseus and his men finally flee the Cyclops' cave? sheep
Odysseus lying to the Cyclops about the location of his ship and his name demonstrates what literary element? dramatic irony
What animal is Odysseus instructed to avoid by the blind prophet? cattle
Telemachus hangs the __________ because they have associated with the suitors. maids
The number of suitors capable of stringing Odysseus' bow none
Odysseus proves his identity to his wife by revealing the secret of their _______. bed
Scylla killed _______ of Odysseus' men. six
What are the names of the whirlpool and the six-headed monster? Charybdis and Scylla
Odysseus' dog Argos
the action of calling for help in creating art; prayer invocation
god of the sun Helios
goddess of war and wisdom; helps Odysseus Athena
Odysseus' wife Penelope
homeland of Odysseus Ithaca
witch-goddess Circe
cyclops who eats several of Odysseus' men Polyphemus
nymph-goddess who holds Odysseus captive for several years Calypso
main character in an epic epic hero
adjective or descriptive phrase used to describe a person, place or thing; nickname epithet
passing down of songs, poems, and stories by word of mouth oral tradition
plot pattern, descriptive detail, theme, or character type that appears in many different cultures archetype
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