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French phrases 9

Simple French phrases

Quand je suis arrivé, j'ai vu les fleurs. When I arrived, I saw the flowers.
Samedi, il a vu sa mère, a parlé au médicin et a trouvé un chat. Saturday he saw his mother, talked to the doctor, and found a cat. and found a cat.
Oui, j'ai mangé cinq fois hier. Yes, I did eat five times yesterday.
Nous avons visité Paris plusieurs fois. We've visited Paris several times.
Si nous étudiions, nous serions plus intelligents. If we studied, (then) we would be smarter.
Je voudrais une pomme. I would like an apple.
Je voudrais aller avec vous. I would like to go with you.
J'aimerais bien le voir ! I would really like to see it!
J'aimerais y aller, mais je dois travailler I would like to go, but I have to work.
Quand j'étais petit, nous allions à la plage chaque semaine. When I was young, we used to go to the beach every week.
L'année dernière, je travaillais avec mon père. I worked with my father last year.
Il était midi et il faisait beau. It was noon and the weather was nice.
Quand il avait 5 ans, il avait toujours faim. When he was five, he was always hungry.
Je faisais la queue parce que j'avais besoin de billets. I stood in line because I needed tickets.
Il espérait te voir avant ton départ. He was hoping to see you before you left.
J'étais au marché et j'ai acheté des pommes. I was at the market and I bought some apples.
Il était à la banque quand il l'a trouvé. He was at the bank when he found it.
Ah ! Si j'étais riche ! Oh, if only I were rich!
Si nous sortions ce soir ? How about going out tonight?
Si j'avais de l'argent, j'irais avec toi. If I had some money, I would go with you.
S'il voulait venir, il trouverait le moyen. If he wanted to come, he would find a way.
J'étais en train de faire la vaisselle. I was (in the process of) doing the dishes.
Il venait d'arriver. He had just arrived.
Fermez la porte. Close the door.
Mangeons maintenant. Let's eat now.
Ayez la bonté de m'attendre. Please wait for me.
Veuillez m'excuser. Please excuse me.
Ne parle pas ! Don't speak!
N'oublions pas les livres. Let's not forget the books.
N'ayez jamais peur. Never be afraid.
Finis ! Finish!
Ne finis pas ! Don't finish!
Ne le finis pas ! Don't finish it!
Lisez ! Read!
Ne lisez pas ! Don't read!
Ne le lisez pas ! Don't read it!
Ne me le lisez pas ! Don't read it to me!
Finis-le ! Finish it!
Allons-y ! Let's go!
Mangez-les ! Eat them!
Donne-lui-en ! Give him some!
Created by: jmchugh