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Test 6 review

review questions for Test 6

"The Charge of the Light Brigade" was written by who? Alfred, Lord Tennyson
"The Snow-Storm" was written by who? Ralph Waldo Emerson
What did people believe was the center of the universe in Galileo's Day? the earth
What did Madame Loisel lose that she had borrowed from her friend? a necklace
Who wrote "The Gift of the Magi?" O. Henry
In "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost, he discusses the way in which the blank would end? the world
"Up From Slavery" was written by who? Booker T. Washington
Of the Imitation of Christ ("Of Humble Submission") was written by who? Thomas a Kempis
"How Much Land Does a Man Need" was written by who? Leo Tolstoy
In "Christmas Time on the Frontier," a little girl named Ruth prayed for and received a(n) what for Christmas? a doll
In "The Oxen," the author recounts how he never doubted that the oxen what at midnight on Christmas Eve? knelt
In "The Death Disk," Abby commanded that the Lord General free who? her father
Who fought against a windmill that he believed to be a giant? Don Quixote
In "Christmas," the envelope the young boy gave to his Sunday school teacher had what in it? pennies
When words are used to express something contrary to their literal meaning, it's called what? Irony
An indirect reference to something generally familiar, such as historical facts or classic literature, it's called what? Allusion
Who stayed home from school to share the last few months of her mother's life? Minta
Who experimented with water from the Fountain of Youth? Dr. Heidegger
Who saved a passenger train from falling into a river? Kate Shelley
Who refused to kiss a prince's hand? Noll
Who traded a valuable possession for a gift for his wife? Jim
Who participated in a peculiar courtroom trial? Alice
Who determined to get revenge for the death of his dog? Andy
Who was sentenced for being disloyal to his country? Philip Nolan
Who prepared to run away with the investor's money? Strickland
Who wrote "The Snow-Storm?" Ralph Waldo Emerson
Who wrote "The Oxen?" Thomas Hardy
The feeling or attitude the speaker conveys is called what? Tone
"Oh, come to use, abide with us, Our Lord Emmanuel!" "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
"Hard times have come again and again, but we have trusted in Him- dreading nothing so much as a doubt of His protecting care." "Christmas Time on the Frontier"
In "Christmas Time on the Frontier," what was the occupation of the husband? He was a pastor.
How much money did Della receive for her hair in "The Gift of the Magi?" 20 dollars
Who came to Joseph in a dream? the angel of the Lord
Whose faith never waivered through-out the story? Ruth's
In "Dust of Snow," what kind of bird shook snow onto the speaker? a crow
What did Jim buy for Della? A set of tortoise-shell combs decorated with jewels.
What was delivered to the family on Christmas Eve? food and a box of gifts
Created by: Mrs. Howie