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women in greek myth

notable women in greek myth: quiz bowl

wife of hector andromache
daughter of cepheus and cassiopeia andromeda
chained to a rock but is rescued by perseus andromeda
marries perseus andromeda
daughter of oedipus and jocasta antigone
her two brothers are killed in battle and she wants to create a proper burial for them antigone
held captive in a cave that has been enclosed where she then commits suicide antigone
a woman in lydia in asia minor known for her weaving arachne
challenges athena to a weaving contest arachne
was changed into a spider by athena arachne
daughter of king minos ariadne
gives theseus a spool of thread with which to enter the labyrinth with ariadne
flees with theseus to naxos ariadne
marries bacchus ariadne
promised that whoever shall beat her in a foot race shall be able to marry her atalanta
loses a foot race to hippomenes atalanta
cause of the quarrel between agamemnon and achilles briesis
stolen from achilles by agamemnon briesis
daughter of king priam and hecuba of troy cassandra
given the gift of prophecy but no one will believe her cassandra
a nymph who detained odysseus for 7 years calypso
at the command of zeus she releases odysseus calypso
sorceress who lives on the island of aeaea circe
she turns all of odysseus' companions into swine circe
wife of agamemnon clytemnestra
killed by her son orestes because she killed his father clytemnestra
has an affair with aegisthus clytemnestra
nymph who is loved by apollo daphne
turned into a laurel tree which soon became apollo's favorite tree daphne
a nymph who falls in love with narcissus echo
nothing is left of her but her voice echo
daughter of agamemnon and clytemnestra electra
daughter of leda and zeus helen of troy
appeared as a swan helen of troy
sister of castor and pollux and clytemnestra helen of troy
most beautiful woman in the world helen of troy
wife of menelaus helen of troy
stolen by paris which sparks the trojan war helen of troy
wife of priam hecuba
mother of 19 children hecuba
awarded to odysseus after the fall of troy hecuba
queen of the amazons hippolyta
killed as a sacrifice to the gods to get a fair wind for troy iphigenia
wife of tyndareus leda
zeus appears to her as a swan leda
with zeus she had helen of troy leda
possesor of the golden fleece medea
falls in love with jason medea
flees with jason to colchis medea
jason leaves her for glauce medea
she sends glauce a poison robe and then feeds the kids to her husband medea
first mortal woman whose name means "all gifted" pandora
came to the gods as a box which contained all the evils of the world but at the bottom was hope pandora
wife of odysseus penelope
greek poetress who lived on the island of lesbos sappho
celebrated female homosexuality sappho
mother of achilles and wife of peleus thetis
dipped her son in the river styx thetis
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