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OT Assessments Adult

OT Assessments

Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE) (psych) Assess cognitive function. Below 24 indicated cognitive deficit.
Short Portable Mental Status (psych) Assess intellectual function. 8-10 severe intellectual impairement
Beck depression scale (psych) Assess depression in elderly. 10-11 is the threshold. Self rating scale
Hamilton depression rating scale (psych) assess severity of illness/depression and the changes over time. Interview with family / staff
Schroeder-Block-Campbell (psych) Assess sensory intergration in adults. Movement, childhood development/neuro delays and draws a self body image.
Bay area functional performance evaluation (psych) Assess all skills to perform ADL. 5 standardised tasks
Comprehansive occupational therapy evaluation scale (psych) Assess behaviours and behavioural changes. Initial and ongoing evaluations
Activities health assessment (psych) Assess time usage etc. Coloured chart depicting time in week
Adololescent role assessment (psych) devolpment of roles within family and school.
Barth time construction (psych) colour coded chart depicting time usage
Canadian occupational performance measure (COPM) (psych) Client centered assessment. Semi structured interview
Occupational Case Analysis interview rating scale (OCAIRS) (psych) Assess content and nature of a persons occupational adaptation. Semi structured interview
Occupational performance history interview (psych) Assess past and present occupational performance. Interview format
Role checklist (psych) assess role participation and the value of specific roles
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