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TCMFund Element Ding

Five Element Chart for TCM Fundamentals, Instructor Ding, Bastyr

Five Elements Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water
Zang Organs LiV, HT(PC), SP, LU, KD
Fu Organs GB, SI(SJ), ST, LI, UB
Zang Fu Pairs LiV+GB, HT(PC)+SI(SJ), SP+ST, LU+LI, KD+UB
Five Directions East, South, Middle, West, North
Five Colors Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black
Five Growth and Development Germination, Growth, Transformation, Reaping, Storing
Five Environmental Factors Wind, Heat, Dampness, Dryness, Cold
Five Seasons Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Autumn, Winter
Five Sense Organs Eye, Tongue, Mouth, Nose, Ear
Five Tissues Tendon, Vessel, Muscle, Skin and Hair, Bone
Five Emotions Anger, Joy, Worry, Grief (Melancholy), Fear (fright)
Five Smells Cheese(Rancid), Burnt(Scorch), Fragrant, Fishy(Rotten). Urine(Putrid)
Five Tastes Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Pungent, Salty
Five Body Fluids Tear, Sweat, Saliva thin, Nasal Mucus (Ti), Saliva Thick
Liver Name General
Liver Manifests on the nail
Liver Element Wood
Liver Direction East
Liver Color Green
Liver Growth and Development factors Germination
Liver Environmental Factors Wind
Liver Seasons Spring
Liver Sense Organ Eye
Liver Tissue Tendon
Liver Emotion Anger
Liver Smell Cheese(Rancid)
Liver Taste Sour
Liver Body Fluid Tear
Heart Name Monarch
Heart Manifests on the Face
Heart Direction South
Heart Color Red
Heart Growth and Development factors Growth
Heart Environmental Factors Heat
Heart Seasons Summer
Heart Sense Organ Tongue
Heart Tissue Vessel
Heart Emotion Joy
Heart Smell Burnt (Scorch)
Heart Taste Bitter
Heart Body Fluid Sweat
Spleen Name Acquired Root
Spleen Manifests on the Lips
Spleen Element Earth
Spleen Direction Middle (center)
Spleen Color Yellow
Spleen Growth and Development factors Transformation
Spleen Environmental Factors Dampness
Spleen Seasons Late Summer
Spleen Sense Organ Mouth
Spleen Tissue Muscle
Spleen Emotion Worry
Spleen Smell Fragrant
Spleen Taste Sweet
Spleen Body Fluid Thin Saliva
Liver Name Canopy
Liver Manifests on the nail
Lung Element Metal
Lung Direction West
Lung Color White
Lung Growth and Development factors Reaping
Lung Environmental Factors Dryness
Lung Seasons Aurumn
Lung Sense Organ Nose
Lung Tissue Skin and Hair
Lung Emotion Grief
Lung Smell Rotton (Fishy)
Lung Taste Pungent
Lung Body Fluid Nasal Mucus (Ti)
Kidney Name Congenital Root
Kidney Manifests on the Hair of Head
Kidney Element Water
Kidney Direction North
Kidney Color Black
Kidney Growth and Development factors Storing
Kidney Environmental Factors Cold
Kidney Seasons Winter
Kidney Sense Organ Ear
Kidney Tissue Bone
Kidney Emotion Fear (Fright)
Kidney Smell Urine (Putrid)
Kidney Taste Salty
Kidney Body Fluid Saliva Thick
Created by: Bastyr40