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Instrumental Activities of Dailiy Living

Care of others Arranging, supervising or providing care for others
Care of pets Arranging, supervising, or providing care for pets and service animals
Child rearing Providing care and supervision to support the developmental needs of a child.
Communication management Sending, receiving, interpreting info using a variety of systems and equipment. Includes writing tools, telephones, computers and other electronics, emergency systems, personal digital assistants
Community mobility Moving around in community using public or private transportation. Includes, walking, driving, biking, riding in buses, cabs.
Financial management Using fiscal resources, including alternate methods of financial transactions. Planning long-term and short-term goals.
Health management Developing, managing, maintaining routines for health and wellness. Includes, physical fitness, nutrition, decreasing health risk behaviors, and medication routines
Home establishment and management Obtaining and maintaining personal and household possessions and environment-house, yard, appliances, vehicles. Including maintaining and repairing clothing and household items, and knowing how to seek help or who to contact.
Meal preparation and cleanup Planning, preparing and serving nutritious meals. Cleaning up after meals.
Religious observance Participating in religion--an organized system of beliefs.
Safety and emergency maintenance Knowing and performing preventive procedures to maintain a safe environments. Able to recognize sudden hazardous situations. Initiating emergency action to reduce threat to health and safety.
Shopping Prepare lists, selecting, purchasing and transporting items. Includes selecting method of payment, and completing money transactions.
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