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Med Terms T

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "T"

tachy- swift, fast
tars/o- tarsals, ankle bone
tel/o- end
temp- temperature
ten/o- tendon
tend/o- tendon
tendin/o- tendon
tension- pressure
test/o- testicles
testicul/o- testicles
tetan stiff
tetra- four
therap- treatment
-therapy- treatment
therm/o- heat
-thermy- heat
thorac/o- chest, thorax
thorax/o- chest, thorax
thromb/o- clot
thym/o- thymus gland
thyr/o- thyroid gland
thyroid/o- thyroid gland
tibi/o- tibia
-tic- pertaining to
-tocia- labor
-tome- cutting instrument
tom/o- cut, section
-tomy to cut into incision
ton/o- tension, pressure
tonic- stretch, tension, or pressure
tonsill/o- tonsils
tox- poison
toxic/o- poison
trach- trachea, windpipe
trache/o- trachea, windpipe
trachel/o- trachea, windpipe
trans- through, across
tri- three
trich/o- hair
-tripsy- surgical crushing
-trophic- nutrition or development
-trophy- nourishment, growth, or development
-tropic- influencing, affect
tuber- swelling
tympan/o- eardrum
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