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Med Terms S

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "S"

sacchar- sugar
sanguin/o- blood
salping/o- uterine tube
-salpinx- uterine tube
sarc/o- flesh
-sarcoma- malignant tumor
scapul/o- scapula
schisis- split, fissure
schiz/o- split
scler/o- sclera
-sclerosis- hardening
scoli/o- crooked, curved
-scope- instrument to view or examine
-scopy- visualize or view
seb- grease
seb/o- sebaceous gland
sect- cut
semi- half
sens- feeling
seps- infection
sept/i- infection
sept/o- infection or septum
septa- seven
serosa- closed cavity membrane
sex- six
sial/o- saliva
sigmoid/o- sigmoid colon
sinistr/o- left
sinus/o- sinus
-sis- state of
somat/o- body
somn- sleep
son/o- sound
-spasm- sudden, involuntary muscular contraction
sperm/o- sperm
spermat/o- spermatozoa, sperm
sphygm/o- pulse
spin/o- spine
sprilla- spiral shaped bacteria
spir/o- breath
splen/o spleen
spondyl/o- vertebrae or vertebral column
squam- scale
staphyl/o- grape-like clusters
staped/o- stapes
-stasis- standing still
stern/o- sternum, chest
steth/o- chest
stomat/o- mouth
-stomy- make a new opening
strat- layer
-stenosis- narrowing or constriction
stern/o- sternum
strept/o- twisted chains
styl/o- stake, pole
sub- below, under
subcu- subcutaneous
super- above
supra- above
sym- with, together
syn- with, together
synovi/o- synovial membrane or synovial fluid
system/o- system
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