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Med Terms P

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "P"

pachy/o- thick
palat/o- palate
pan- all, total
pancreat/o- pancreas
para- beside, beyond, around
paralysis- loss of movement
pariet/o- wall
par/o- to bear labor or to give birth (delivery)
part/o- to bear labor or to give birth (delivery)
-partum- to bear labor or to give birth (delivery)
patell/o- patella
path/o- disease
-pathy- relating to disease
ped- child or foot
pedia- child
-penia- deficiency, lack of
peps- digestion
pepsia- digestion
per- through, by or excessive
peri- around, outer
perine/o- perineum
peritone/o- peritoneum
pelv/i- pelvis
pelv/o- pelvis
penta- five
petr/o- stone
-pexy- surgical fixation or suspension
-phage- eating or swallowing
-phagia- eating or swallowing
phag/o- eat
phalang/o- phalanges
pharmac/o- drugs, medicine
pharyng/o- pharynx
pharynx- pharynx
phasia- speak or speech
phas/o- speech
-philia- love, affection, affinity
phleb/o- vein
-phobia- fear
-phonia- sound or voice
phon/o- sound
phot/o- light
phren- diaphragm
phren/o- mind
-phylaxis- protection, preventive
physi/o- function
-physis- growth
pili- hair
pineal/o- pineal gland
pituit/o- pituitary gland
-plasia- formation, a growth or development
-plasm- abnormal growth, tumor
plasm/o- plasma
-plasty- repair
platy- flat
-plegia- paralysis
pleur/o- lung, lung membrane
-poiesis- making or production
poli/o- gray matter
polyp/o- polyp (small growth)
-pnea- breathe
pneun/o- lungs, air
pneumon/o- lungs, air
pneumat/o- lungs, air
pod- foot
poly- many
por- pores, openings
-porosis- porous condition
post- after, behind
pre- before
presby- old
prim/i- first
pro- before, for
proct/o- rectum
prostat/o- prostate gland
proxim/o- near point or origin
pseud/o- false
psora- itch
psych/o- mind, soul
ptery- wing
-ptosis- prolapse, drooping
pub/o- pubis
peurper/o- childbirth
pulp- flesh
pulmon/o- lungs
pupill/o- pupil
pyel/o- renal pelvis
pylor/o- pylorus
py/o- pus
pyr/o- fire, fever
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