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Lesson Quiz 6 Rio

Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance

Mucosa, muscular, and fibrous adventitia are layers of what organ? Bladder
A pigment metabolite that is responsible for the color of urine. Urochrome
A condition caused by Diabetes mellitus in which body cells are unable to absorb glucose from the blood. Glycosuria
The presence of excessive amounts of the by-products of fat metabolism. Ketonuria
Hardened cell fragments that are flushed out of the urinary tract. Casts
The major homeostatic organ of the body. Kidney
Drains urine from the kidneys. Ureters
In urine formation, filtration is the role of what? Glomerulus
The anatomically functional units responsible for urine formation. Nephrons
Drains the bladder and is a urine conduit to the body exterior. Urethra
This region of the bladder has two ureteral and one urethral orifice. Trigone
The process in which urine empties from the bladder. Micturition
Part of the nephron that contains an ascending portion and a descending portion. Loop of Henle
A condition often seen in cases of uncontrolled hypertension or kidney infection. Albuminuria
The presence of white blood cells in the urine. Pyuria
A condition seen in cases of hepitis or bile duct blockage. Bilirubinuria
The yellow color of urine is due to ________. Urochrome
The largest component of urine by weight, other than water, is ________. Urea
The mass of a specific volume of liquid. Specific gravity
A by-product of bacterial metabolism; useful in early detection of bladder infections. Nitrites
The mechanical and chemical receptors that control digestive activity are located: In the walls of the tract organs
The chemical and mechanical processes of food breakdown are called: Digestion
The sheets of peritoneal membrane that hold the digestive tract in palce are called: Mesenteries
The capillaries that nourish the epithelium and absorb digested nutrients lie in the: Lamina propria
Hydrochloric acid is secreted by which of the secretory cells of the stomach? Parietal cells
Nervous control of gastric secretion is provided by: The vagus nerve and enteric plexus
Which of the following enzymes is specific for proteins? Trypsin
After eating French fries, buttered toast, ice cream, and whole milk. Which of the following glands would be active in helping you to digest this food? The pancreas
A baby is in the hosp. with a hx of project. vomiting after each feeding. The sphincter controlling food passage from the stomach to the duodenum is thickened and does not open readily. B/c of the pt's loss of gastric juice, his blood indicates: Alkalosis
Hormones that inhibit gastric secretion include: Secretin
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