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Formulas II Wk8 Quiz

Yin Tonics, Yang Tonics, Stabilize & Bind

Enrich Yin and nourish KD Lui Wei Di Huang Wan
Enrich Yin and nourish KD Zuo Gui Yin (Tonify the Left (Kidney))
Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency with Fire Da Bu Yin Wan (Great Yin Tonifying Pill)
Enrich Yin, clear Fire, strengthen sinews & bones Hu Qian Wan (Hidden Tiger Pill)
Atrophy syndromes d/t LR and KD Yin Xu Hu Qian Wan (Hidden Tiger Pill)
Enrich Yin, tonify KD, drain Heat, anchor Yang Da Zao Wan (Great Creation Pill)
Lung and Kidney Xu with Fire Da Zao Wan (Great Creation Pill)
"Metal and Water cannot generate each other: So LU and KD Yin Xu: Da Zao Wan (Great Creation Pill)
Enrich Yin and spread LR qi Yi Guan Jian (Linking Decoction)
LR and KD yin Xu with LQS Yi Guan Jian (Linking Decoction)
Tonify qi and regulate LR Zhu Jing Wan
Hair disorders d/t KD yin and LR blood Xu Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan
LR and KD Yin Xu (menopause) Er Zhi Wan
1. What formula should be used with caution in cases of indigestion or diarrhea d/t SP Xu or a white, greasy TC? Liu Wei Di Huang Wan
2. Which formula should NOT be used in treating acute, severe blood loss or other problems of Blood Xu that include severe weakness or labored breathing? SI WU TAN (Four Substance Decoction) Shu Di & Bai Shao are chiefs. Dang Gui and Chuan Xiong are deputies.
3. Du Qi Wan is variation of what State Board Formula? Capital Qi Pill is Six Ingredient Pill plus WWZ (for LU qi xu)
4. What would you add to Liu Wei Di Huang Tang for eye problems? Gou Qi Zi of course
5. What formula for HCV? Yi Guan Jian (Linking Decoction)
6. What formula for KD yin AND yang xu? Two Immortals (Er Xian Tang)
7. What formula for male infertility? Zan Yu Dan (Special Pill to Aid Fertility)
8. Which deputy herb of Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan has function to benefit joints, warm meridians, open blood vessels? Gui Zhi
9. Yin xu with dry mouth/throat and red T w/ little coat is contraindication of which State Board Formula? Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (KD Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet)
10. What is the correct dose of Fu Zi and Gui Zhi for Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan? 3g
11. Shi Bu Wan (Ten Tonic Pill) is associated formula of which State Board Formula? Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan (KD Qi Pill from the Golden Cabinet)
12. What formula for lady with recurrent miscarriages? Jiao Ai Tang
13. What category of formulas should not be used for XS condition? S
14. Formula for HIV+ 5-6 years, spontaneous sweating, recurrent colds: Yu Ping Feng Sang (Jade Windscreen Powder) Huang Qi (Chief)- 30g Bai Zhu ((Deputy)- 60g Fang Feng (Assistant)- 60g
Created by: mrbarr
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