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Med Terms D

Medical terms beginning with the letter, "D"

dacry/o- tear, tear duct
dactyl/o- finger/toes
de- down, form
deca- ten
demi- half
dendr/o- tree
dent/i- tooth
dent/o- tooth
derm/o- skin
dermat/o- skin
-desis- surgical union
desm/o- band
dextr/o- right
dextrous- hands
di- twice
dia- through, apart, across
diaphragmat/o- diaphragm
dif- apart
dipl/o- double
dipsia- thirst, drink
dips/o- thirst, drink
dis- apart, away
disk/o- intervertebral disc
dist- away from the point of origin
diure- to urinate
diverticul/o- diverticulum
dont- tooth
dors- back
-drome- running with, symptoms
duct- tube, movement
duction- movement
duoden/o- duodenum
dur/o- "tough" dura meter
dynia- pain
dys- painful, bad, difficult, labored
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